How does Wordpress, Squarespace and Blogspot manage with so many subdomains? How do they avoid negative SEO impact from lesser quality subdomains? If a subdomain perhaps featured something illegal or perhaps has a network of crap links... how do they avoid negative SEO spillover?   

Migrating to https

Whilst most people seem to report that not much happens in terms of ranking/traffic, which I wouldn't expect, in moving to https, is there a risk of losing "link juice" if you have 301s from http to https but don't do anything with your existing link profile?

Have a client whose internal IT are pushing for the switch, and I have no issue as such, other than the fact they have a large number of branch pages, all with local citations pointing to http

I'd rather not have to go and amend all these to https unless I run the risk of affecting their organic performance by not updating the links


should you endeavor to amend your links when you switch to https?

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Discussion that came up today between my head of SEO:
Does noindex work in robots.txt file? It make sense that it would as it's part of Robot Exclusion Protocols but haven't seen it before.

Interesting change to the "Remove URLs" section of the Webmaster Tools (Search Console).

Rather than saying you can "Create A Removal Request" it now says "Temporarily Hide" (am sure it didn't say this last week).

Am presuming that's because you still need to block a resource or add noindex tag etc to make sure it doesn't get picked up again, and that a request alone won't guarantee a permanent removal.

I don't think the functionality of the request will have changed in anyway, but can't find anything specific about this particular re-wording.

I understand Google likes to see a contact us page. For those of us who own/manage more then one site what is the best practices for contact pages. For instance I own and manage 20+ online publications on but can't afford a different phone number for each publication and different address for each publication what should we put on our contact page beside a contact form. Does it hurt or hinder if all the publications have the same address and same phone number? 

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anyone else seeing a dip in indexed content from the week commencing 23rd august?  which then seemingly reverts back to normal the following week

the sites in the screengrab operate off the same CMS/robots.txt so initially thought they may be related, though further investigation sees this dip happening across all my sites that I've checked (so far)

presumably a glitch on Google's part, which is not a big deal at all, unless I've missed something?

Hi all,

I'm having a hell of a time with a particular client's hreflang tags. I keep getting "no return tags" errors on versions of pages that absolutely, definitely DO contain return tags. It's only the default US English versions of the pages that show as not bearing return tags, and I can't figure out why.

The only thing I can imagine might be causing this is the fact that these default English versions don't contain the /en-us/ parameter in their URLs. Here's an example of a typical tag array:

<link href="" hreflang="de-de" rel="alternate" />

<link href="" hreflang="en-us" rel="alternate" />

Could it be possible that the latter URL would have to be in order for this to work properly?

Any insight will be richly appreciated. Thanks!

How does Google crawler and the indexer treat a rel=nofollowed webpage which is already blocked using robots.txt?

<strong>Screaming Frog</strong> question! eCommerce website.

I'm trying to scrape my site before a rebuild. I've set up .UserFiles/. to exclude all those files, blocked the css, images, etc...what I can't seem to figure out though is why it's going through every single attribute variable as a separate web page.

The pathway goes /ProductList.aspx?CategoryName= and then just goes nuts, nearly 10k items before timing out. I've tried variations of the blocking format above (/ProductList.aspx, etc), but it always starts going down that list again.

Basically, I just need /Products/ or /products/ to be crawled. The Include list doesn't seem to help much.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

So trying to get an ad approved on adwords and got sent this:
Hi Paul,

Thanks for filling out that form!

I took a look at your site and it's disapproved for the site not working. I clicked on the site and it took a very long time to load. Additionally, one of our review teams experienced a 403 error when they reached the site. Does the site work in every country?

Can anyone help me out. From my end the site is OK. I can't see what to do. 
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