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Anyone else seeing knowledge panels related to local businesses disappear after this latest update?

Its just a simple program where they schedule your paydays for I was at a loss of words when we didnt get our start up kits..its just credit for our start up accounts and only 500.00. I have Post Graduate Status completed all degrees in Science and DoD defense, and I was wondering if I missed something? Requested PHD in Physics..2018...not sure whats missing in my education?

I got all your messages, its that I already engage with a home based business I wanted. But They have not provided to entry prepaid expenses for the start up kit. we are all scratching our heads...such a brilliant system, we went in on gold light flashing special on time and got disounted and first package of credit to start.....that was early June...still no word on the start up credit kits....ummmm

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+John Mueller

if Google downloads articles in this way (pre-load for offline read) - how would I see that in our analytics?
Also - is this a 'google crawler' download, as it has not been actively requested?

Ah shit. You know, this community started out so strong and has shared so much info, but it's been a little orphaned and was bummed to see so many spam posts. I'll try and clean some up!

Otherwise, I'd love to hear more about other SEO communities that y'all have found useful!

Oh wow, thats a good question....I been tracking stuff for personal new beginning....found the one I wanted...good to go. But your question and perspective is a great one....

Does anyone have any good Google Data Studio Dashboard examples for tracking inbound marketing and search marketing traffic using Google Analytics and Search Console as data sources?


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