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RT tries to sow the seeds of discord in America? WHY?

Caleb Maupin should have done a rewrite but in video journalism after matters air that is not possible. Fighting the American Civil War and WWII are perhaps the only two proud moments of the left that involve the US military.

As we can frown down upon almost every other US Military intervention where were can even question the dubious positions of the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution as most often they served the interests of the American Ruling Class from 1776 and before then as even Thomas Paine upon arrest in France was tormented by George Washington and them, where Washington and Jefferson and their kind were later celebrated by the Confederate States of America.

These references regarding alleged memorials to Confederates officers fail to state that those monuments also commemorated Union Soldiers and Officers and as such in a lack of research and reporting fail.

The monument in question did not exclusively commemorate General Robert E Lee and as such seems to be a form of historical revisionism. In light of the conflict between these Confederate Officers and their families with the views of the Pro-Trump support Right wingers in that Robert E. Lee criticized those monuments as their families often encouraged removal. Such Reporting and views can be found as reprehensible as those for keeping such historical artifacts and places where the American Taliban of the Right and Left seem Hell Bent in pushing the American People towards Bedlam Chaos and Anarchy so as to be better exploited by the dark political forces of American Capitalism. Where the St John's episcopal Church monument seemed to have noted more Union Soldiers than Confederate ones in what seems to be of a historical nature that was obliterated or obscured in the current hysteria encouraged by the brainless President Chump Hump Bump Lump Slump and his minions of evil eager to provoke discord so that the public might not notice the DEVIL SATAN in the WHite House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC. nor in the country at large.

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