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~ Dashο»Ώ


Staying up all night, thinking.

Thinking of what I can say.
Thinking about what I can't say.

If I say too much. If I say the wrong thing.
Then they'll know.
They'll know something's up, Something's wrong.
I can't have that.

It's my battle, It's my war.
The war the rages on, the war I can't let out.
i can't, I can't, I CAN'T.
Can not let them see the destruction within me.

My walls of brick and stone.
With the falling of tears, they shake.
The tears that rain down, my walls quake.
I must stop the tears, for I need these walls.
My walls of brick and stone.

The heartbroken and the afraid.
The battle and the wars.
My battery running low.
My clock on borrowed time.
Everywhere I tred, every word that's said, a trip mine.

A trip mine, that blew...
With a burnt out battery, times up. The clock has run out......

Hello. I'm new here.

I have recently gone through a horrible breakup. And can't seem to get over it. Day by day it keeps getting worse for me I don't know what I can do to make it all better.

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Please comment and I will write every comment down so whenever I am feeling this bad I can read it and I will send a copy to anyone who chats to me on hangouts and stay alive everyone

If I don't get a lot more help to move away from my Dad I will start to plan my suicide

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im crying
i dont even know why
i havent cut in almost a week but i started ODing
wtf is wrong with me
i want to die
but im to much of a coward to do it
i should just do itο»Ώ

I need help..please ...
I cant live like this anymore and I cant go to anyone

I need help I just found out from my ex nd my sister's bf that my bf has 6 gf but he is not lke that he is really kind he will never be Rude to u so I don't kno wnt to do I really wnt to cut myslef but I don't kno plz help

Right now my two 'best friends' are fighting over one of them getting new friends. She spends all her time around them and doesn't actually talk to us any more. Last week, some of her new friends came up to me and my other bestfriend and started being really mean to her. I'm the oldest and I've always said I'd protect her from the bullies and stuff but I froze, I kept my head down and I literally couldn't say anything. She was left to deal with it all by herself even though I said I'd do that stuff. I don't understand why I couldn't say anything, I had done in situations like that before. I'm a failure
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