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adoptable :O
Name: Naia ( prounouced Nai-a )
Age: 4 months
Favorite things: Sunlight Nature Other Animals And Flowers
Hated Things: Oil Pollution And Small Areas
Phobias: Spiders Dark Being Alone
Gender: Female
Dere: KuuDere
Given To First Commenter

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Hey guys! I'm here with an adoptable that's brand-new! she's a gift to the first person to comment!
(I though up the idea)
Her name is Tulip, and she's a kitsune
Traits: silly, inquisitive, playful,
Likes: pastel colors, bells, and flowers
dislikes: the smell of a fish, Pollution, walls
biggest trigger: "CAN I HAVE SOME FREE ART?"
(don't judge. i used doll divine)
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