sorry if everyone got a bunch of emails or invites. i was trying to figure out how to set events under the community. sorry got it fixed now. 

Welcome Samey.....

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how many can you name? bonus for actor full name. double bonus for director and year

what should the theme be this month? i lost my card. so its free range.

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January 8- Yojimbo and Sanjuro
January 15- Nightwatch/Daywatch*
January 22-Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick*
January 29-Hot Shots/ Hot Shots Part Duex*

*can be changed, just current selections

Categories this year:
January - Sequel Month
February - Boys vs Girls
March - Drinking Movies
April - Workplace Movies
May - Epic Double features
June - Sports Movies
July - Comic Book Movies
August - Independent Movies
September - Japanese Movies
October - Horror Movie Quadrilogies
November - trilogies
December - Holiday Sequels and Trilogies

next year i was thinking an actor a month? 

Girls vs. Boys
February 5 - Up and Metropolis
February 12 - Valentine and American Psycho
February 19 - The Notebook and Gladiator
February 26 -Wedding Singer and Animal House

*Subject to change, just add constructive comments below
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