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أقوى برنامج تدريب على الفاكو في مصر

 revolutionary training tool for cataract surgery we offer the best way to teach eye doctors the technique in phaco emulsification by advanced DRYLAB and WETLAB using the phaco machine under the microscope on very similarly on the human eyes.


New Phaco course will held from 30 Oct to 1 Nov
The Phaco Training of the continual advances in phacoemulsification technology and disjunctive surgical devices allow cataract surgery. 
(The Revolutionary Training for Cataract Surgery)
register now and get FREE investigative ophthalmology course .. with EGYPTIAN MEDICAL SYNDICATE.
The last date for registration 10 Oct

For registration: 01021064437

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FREE investigative ophthalmology course .. with EGYPTIAN MEDICAL SYNDICATE
just register now with a strongest PHACO COURSE in egypt

nasr city, cairo, EGYPT
4 أبراج المهندسين العسكريين. رابعة العدوية, مدينة نصر, القاهرة - مصر

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Vacuum is generated by the machine and is a measure of the strength
of the ‘hold’ that the handpiece has on the nucleus. Level of vacuum
and port size will determine how strong the grip is. The holding power
is inversely proportional to the port size. Vacuum is a double-edged
sword which must be used/set carefully depending on what needs to be
held (nucleus, cortex), for what purpose (chopping, aspiration) and
with what instrument (phaco tip, I/A canula). The setting of vacuum
also depends on the machine since each machine has its own capabilities.
In the first generation machines vacuum may be set upto 120 mmHg in
Phaco mode. In the second-generation machines vacuum levels upto
250 mmHg can be used safely whereas in the newer third generation
machines vacuum levels upto 650
mmHg can be used comfortably.
While checking the machine, one
can pinch the aspiration tube and let
the vacuum build upto the maximum
one plans to use. On release of the
tubing, if the test chamber collapses
then post-occlusion surge is
inevitable at that vacuum setting and
flow rate, so the setting should be
A Guide to Phacoemulsification
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