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Welcome to the Cha Cha community!

Cha Cha's are unapproved ATM.
(I am +Star dust (smol galaxy))

There ref will be done soon!!

Cha chas are little creatures that are hard to find.
They are found in jungles and dark forest's.
They don't like sunlight
They are very fidgety

They are about the size of a Shepard dog.
Females are larger than males and they hung more.
The babies are the size of Chihuahuas.

They eat small birds, rats, squirrels, rabbits, nuts berries and lettuce.
They can't eat big animals, oak leaves and Vines.

They have dog ears.
They have fur occasionally.
They have small pads at the bottom of there feet.

Difference between male and female:
Females have hearts as pads. Males have upside down pads. Males are smaller.
Females are more aggressive.

Patterns and colors:
They can have any pattern or add on. Such as wings and flowers and sticks. But the commons colors are earth colors such as green brown yellow black.
Uncommons have the same colors but they can have fiery colors.
Rares can have any color.

Me! my main is Star dust!
And the co owner is +N Ø P É TM​​​​

You must tag me AND +N Ø P É TM​​​​
We both will agree if it's approved.

Myo is open until May 21st

After that... To make one will be 50 points. (Aka species rights)

Also.. everyone must start out with a common.

Thanks you.... The creator

Example of a common below!
Species rights
+Fact Owl


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Examples of a rare
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Photos of an uncommon
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+Fact Owl
Hey Wanna Join?
Also, i will let you have species rights if you help me!

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Common color Pallet

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A decent pallet for a rare Cha!

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Cha Cha Base!
remeber credit me if you use!
also read their discriptition before making one!
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