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- 2500 DOGE за регистрацию
- 30 DOGE ежедневный бонус
- Очень быстрая окупаемость мощностей
- Можно майнить BTC, LTC, DOGE, RDD, ETH

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I advised another steady source of income - Mining cloud, which gives 3% of income daily. First, to test its ability to pay, I have invested in this service 0.2 Bitcoin (about 50$). In the service I chose mining Dogecoin. Exactly one day I put out of service their daily earnings, which amounted to more than 12000 Dogecoin (about 1.5$). Thus, the service that I was advised to actually pays and gives a good income! Now I put 4 Bitcoin and every day I deduce their profits.
Those who can not invest money, free to try and make progress on this service cloud Mining - all new customers a service makes a gift 1 GH/S SHA-256 and 10 KH / s SCRIPT.
Here is a link to the service cloud of mining:

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Attention !!!
Good news for the residents of the European Union!
Everyone who opens new wallet, the campaign gives $ 5 to the account !!! To do this, simply create an account, verify your phone number and bank rekvizyty.
Just two minutes and $ 5 on your new purse and ready to vavodu!
Here is the link:
Приятная новость для жителей Евросоюза!
Каждый, кто откроет новый кошелек, кампания дарит 5$ на счет!!! Для этого надо просто зарегистрироваться, подтвердить свой номер телефона и банковские реквизыты.
Всего две минуты и 5$ на вашем новом кошельке и готовы к ваводу!
Вот ссылка:

I want to thank all those who financially helped my friend! Due to all of us, he decided his problem. As you can see, it did not disappoint, and returned all the money in triple size. We are not only to help a good man, but also earned it!

I temporarily give out loans almost for free:
- If you have taken from me the loan, then you install a 0.1% per day;
- If you want the first time to take the credit, then you 0.2% on the day.
Loan period from 3 to 30 days.
The collateral value of the loan (guarantee your ability to pay) - 5% of the loan amount.
Minimum loan amount - 0,5 BTC, 1000000 DOGE, 30 DRK.
Treat your requests (applications) for a loan to my e-mail:

And I could go to the sea !!! Tanned, rested and that is called "Enjoy life!" Now, full of vitality and desire to help people with money, earning it!

Children who want to get a small amount on credit, write to me is strictly prohibited! To confirm your solvency and to minimize my risk of loss, I set two rules:
1. You in advance (before I translate you coin-money) translate my interest for your loan.
2. Minimum loan amount: 0,5 BTC, 1000000 DOGE, 30 DRK.

Детям, которые хотят получить небольшие суммы в кредит, писать мне строго запрещаю! Чтобы подтвердить вашу платежеспособность и мой риск потерь минимизировать, я установила два правила:
1. Вы авансом (перед тем как я переведу вам  coin-деньги) переводите мне процент за ваш кредит.
2. Минимальные суммы кредита: 0,5 BTC, 1000000 DOGE, 30 DRK.
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