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Looking to buy or sell a home in the Albuquerque area? Feel free to contact me. I would love to assist you in finding the home of your dreams. To search our listings, please go to or
Company phone: 505-883-9400

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We hope to see you at this years Urban Refuge A.R.T.S. event on July 11th.  Bring your entire family to this free event and enjoy workshops, youth led birding tours, collaborative creation stations, poetry, music and more!
(To stay up to date with our event partners, activities, workshops, performances and more please visit our Urban Refuge A.R.T.S. event at

Artistic Expressions: A special collection of artists have been brought together embracing the idea of being mindful of the world we co-exist in. Bring your whole family and enjoy demonstrations, workshops and canvases filled with energized colors.

Recycling/Repurposing: This event is showcasing unique ways to breathe life into the act of recycling. Experience art and musical instruments created from repurposed or recycled materials.

Transportation Activities: Experience the great outdoors by arriving at this event by bicycle or kayak, and our Refuge Valet Crew will check your vehicle in upon arrival so you can explore. (Valet services are only for bicycles & kayaks.) If you prefer a more urbanized form of transportation our Refuge Runner Shuttle will pick you up at our nearest Rail Runner or bus stop. The Refuge is seeking to facilitate personal connections with the environment by encouraging people to utilize alternative forms of transportation. If you are only able to arrive by car general parking will still be available.

Storytelling/Seed Projects: Come listen to or participate in live storytelling projects including SeedBroadcasting, beat box poetry, music and more. Become an active part of sharing New Mexico’s history as it connects to culture, food, the landscape, agriculture and conservation.

(Kayakers, please note, it is about 450 yards from the bosque river bank to the parking area.   The Refuge and the Friends of VDO are not liable for any injuries that may occur when traveling to or from the Refuge.)

Just moved here April 10th. Already visited Imbibe and had a blast. Not much of a drinker but love being social. Any good advise would be appreciated.

only if you live in albuquerque new mexico
and post pics of you ty kisses
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