My Visit to Southampton Solent University- Saturday 10th June
I went to the open day for Southampton Solent University. At this point i still wasn't too sure on what course i would like to do because I'm looking between- advertising, branding and marketing and fashion journalism. after listening to the talk for Marketing and Branding i definitely realized that course is no for as it hasn't got such a creative .....

UAL Visit:
I looked forward to the UAL visit as i was not able to have such a personal and in depth talk with the students and teachers at the UAL UCAS fair. It felt more direct as there were less people asking question and definitely less noise. the man from UAL spoke to our year about the courses available and what grades we would need to come out with to be accepted into these courses. he didn't just ramble on about his collage he went into detail about the other campus. He also gave me a clear understanding on how the accommodations work and loans. I found the talk very helpful.

Most of the Unis I'm looking at are outside of London. I think the reason I'm looking at Unis outside of London is because i want to grow a sense of independence instead of having to rely on my mum all the time and also gaining skills such as; responsibility with my money, study time but also leaving time to chill and have fun. I want to have the whole uni experience!!!!!!!

Universities I'm looking at:
-Birmingham City University
-University of Southampton
-Universities of the Arts London
-Leeds College of Art

As part of looking for unis our strand took us to the UCAS Fair to look for our future courses that we would like to take once we have left the Brit School. At first i was certain on finding a fashion journalist course but now i am also leaning towards branding and marketing and with so many options and a wide variety of courses it is now making my decision much harder.
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