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I know shouldn't do this but can we take a minute to remember or pray for Paris :'(

I will delete this at the end of the day / in a hour or half

Hello anyone here?

It was just a couple hours after our last show for the day. I decide to go to the lake for a swim. I strip naked in my trailer, put on my robe, grab a towel and walk barefoot to the the lake. Then I strip off my robe and dive in, letting the water caress my body.

You're an audience member that stayed behind after to show to meet one of us. As you looked around you spot the lake. You see me swimming so you approach slowly and say........

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Name: Hoshi
Age: 18
Height: 4'10.
Personality: kind, shy, awkward, clumsy, nervous, brave (sometimes), silly
Likes: performing, kind people, food
Dislikes: having stage fright, failing at an act, something that isn't food
My Job At The Circus: I am part of a couple of animal tricks, along with acrobatics
Bio: unknown
((he can turn into that adorable little dragon in the other picture...but with wings and is half the height of a giraffe))
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Name - Jordan Jackson

Age - 16

Height- 5'6

Likes- Having fun, making people smile

Dislikes- not a lot of things

Personality- Childish, happy go lucky, optimistic

What she's doing at circus- Beast tamer, pyrotechnics


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Jordan was out practicing his fire tricks for the next performance. But some of the tricks come out wrong. When wanting of come out of my hands, it came out my feet. When trying out my feet, came out my back. He flew over to the cages with lions. And sees a girl talking with them

is there any rules that say I can't use fire

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Name - Audrey ashi

Age - 18

Height- 4'11

Likes- Painting, death, stuffed animals, sweets, and playing in the circus

Dislikes- Bright lights

Personality- Childish, happy(most of the time), and doesn't talk much

What she's doing at circus- Acrobatics, knife throwing, and balance

Circus attire- White hair with a pink tint to it, and the picture below with different hair and black tap shoes.

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Name: Rosa
Age: 16
Personality: Kind in public, but is very harsh in private
What you do here at the circus: Cheer lead, Acrobatics
Likes: Healthy foods, Practicing
Dislikes: Fattening foods
Bio: She just tries to stay in shape when ever she can
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