Some of you may remember Bill Campbell, a long-time member of the AFHS and family history researcher.  Bill passed away last year in May at the age of 87 years.  Bill had done research on his several family lines and left instructions with his son, Collin, to make sure the research survived.  So Colin got in touch with AFHS, then me, and we worked out having a legacy Family Genes TNG site for Bill’s life’s work.  After receiving a USB memory stick from Colin this week, we were able to set up a new TNG site within a couple of evening hours.  Have a visit at:


Note: this is a work-in-progress and the home page is begging for a decent makeover.  That will be done in due time.  Bill had recorded 18,000 individuals into 13 trees.  And now his research will be protected and archived by the society.  One of our goals is now realizable.

As you know, I am webmaster for a TNG site for our local society:  We received a phone call from a Collin Campbell, the son of Bill Campbell who was a long serving member of our society.  Bill had instructed his son to ensure the family study was preserved by the society.  So I am to receive a USB memory stick of the family GEDCOM to go on Family Genes and our society library will inherit the paperwork.

This is one of the prime roles for Family Genes, and will be our first example of preserving a study by a deceased member.  It will be on TNG, made visible (family wishes) and read-only.  

Had our Family Genes group meeting yesterday, Saturday.  One member was having trouble in accessing his TNG site.  It was a blank page.  It was failing by using Firefox browser but was okay with Google Chrome.  Another member is using Firebox without trouble.

Slowly learning how to maneuver around datatables.  I have the Calgary Burnsland cemetery data loaded into a MySQL database.  Am now working on how to extract the data from the Plot, Interment, etc. tables and populate a page in Family Genes.  Success.  But it is just one page, not formatted, and that took three frustrating days.  Onward.

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I am experimenting with a new home page for Family Genes.  This is not public published yet, and the links, they are just decorative placeholders at this stage.
But you can have a peek at:

Decided that enough work is going into Family Genes to send out notices.  I am not sure if you consider this a blog attempt, but it should work for our purposes.  More later ....

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We need Family Genes TNG pages to be found by the search bots.  So I added web links between my new Webber TNG pages within Family Genes and my older Wiki site, GenealoWiki.  The issue for Family Genes right now is that the TNG links are buried and not visible to searchbots.  GenealoWiki is older and has been prowled already.  Letès see if we can use the older site to make Family Genes TNG visible to Google.

So I added a footnote to my mothers page at that hyperlinked to the right TNG page within Family Genes.  

Then I went to Family Genes TNG to her individual page ( at ) and added a hyperlink using a customized event ( "Web link" ) that pointed back to her page on GenealoWiki.

The test will be for how long it takes the searchbots to find my mother inside Family Genes.  Stay tuned.

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Video #3.  Setting up a family tree in FamilyGenes, using TNG (The Next Generation).  How to register an account, start a first tree.

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