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"All living things kneel before your master!"

Neo Metal Sonic

Metal Series Badnik


133 cm. Approx. 4'4"

166.52 kg. Approx. 367.10 lb.

Neo Metal is a cold-hearted killing machine. He suffers from a superiority complex that borders on god complex in that he desires to prove himself superior to all. Which is made worse by his copy abilities, making him a very dangerous foe in battle. Neo Metal is very intelligent, and despite his strength, he'll usually strategize before making a move. He won't engage in battles he know he won't win, and when faced with an unknown, he'll wait until he can gauge their strength before acting. Neo isn't easily taunted, despite his superiority complex, he tends to keep a rational thought process when it comes to dealing with others. Silent but deadly is the best word to describe Neo Metal when it comes to fighting. Neo Metal is a force not many would want to reckon with, and with good reason.

Originally an older model of Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic had suffered through several losses against Sonic the Hedgehog. This resulted in him feeling the need to rebel against his creator in order to gain enough power needed to finally defeat Sonic, once and for all. Disguising as Dr. Eggman and temporarily running the Empire, Neo manipulated Team Sonic into coming onto the Egg Fleet in order to copy their data. Teams Dark, Rose, and Chaotix also came to the Egg Fleet, while not apart of his plan, it still had worked in his favor by allowing him to copy their data as well. Using the cumulative data of Sonic and his friends as well as data based on Chaos, Neo Metal Sonic had transformed into Metal Madness, and later Metal Overlord, gaining an tremendous increase in strength. However, his plans were all for naught as the "Sonic Heroes" possessed the Seven Chaos Emeralds, which allowed Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to gain the advantage against Metal Overlord, leading to his defeat.

Speed: Being built to surpass Sonic in every way, Neo Metal Sonic is equipped with an engine embedded into his torso, which is the source of his immense speed.

Strength: Due to being, well, a robot, Neo's strength isn't to be laughed at, he is capable of lifting cars and throwing them with ease and will not feel "strain" unless his energy is somehow drained.

Flight: Like most of the Metal Series, Neo possesses the ability to fly via the previously mentioned engine. Despite the engine appearing to create force behind him while flying, Neo appears to be able to hover in place while midair.

Reflexes: To coincide with his speed, Neo has a very high reaction speed, many times that of a normal human. This allows him to easily maneuver at very high speeds.

Copy Scan: Arguably one of Neo Metal Sonic's most impressive skills I the ability to replicate the abilities powers and traits of others. This allows him to immediately and near-perfectly mimic his opponent's fighting moves, combat techniques and superhuman abilities. This also extends to weapons, however, this would require scanning of the weapon separate from any wielder should the weapon have any specific limitations, and even then, there may be other unknown limitations to this.

Electrokinesis: Neo is capable of releasing a notable amount of electricity from his hands. When fired in the air, lightning will strike down directly below where the user fired it.

Shape-Shifting: Neo Metal Sonic, unlike other Metal Sonic models, has the ability to change his physical appearance to that of anyone he's Copy-Scanned.
This is not limited to mechanical beings, as Neo has shown to disguise himself as organic beings such as Robotnik and Sonic himself, in order to trick the latter's friends. It even goes so far as to perfectly mimic the voice of said organic creatures.
This is entirely due to his structural makeup, which is comprised of a mimetic polyalloy. This alloy is very resistant to changes in temperature and makes defeating Neo all the more difficult. This allows him to recover from most injuries and allows him to replicate basic weapons, such as knifes and swords. However he cannot replicate more complex weapons such as guns or explosives without scanning them first.

Spin Attack: A very basic attack in which the user curls into a spiked ball and typically attacks via jumping on the target and hitting them from above. This attack also extends to the use of other attacks such as the Homing Attack or most notably, the Spin Dash.

Homing Attack: One of the techniques Neo Metal has at his disposal at all times is the Homing Attack. The user first jumps into the air and curls into a ball while spinning rapidly in the air. At which point, the user will quickly launch towards an opponent in an attempt to ram into them. The attack is true to its name, and the user will home in on the target to make contact, though this won't last forever.

Spin Dash: This is a somewhat basic technique most Sonic characters can perform. The user curls into a ball and spins, building up enough energy, once enough energy is gained, the user jets off to where they were originally facing at incredible speeds.

Ring Spark Field: One of Neo Metal's own attacks, the user uses a radioactive force to create a powerful field of electricity around them. The attack is strong enough to tear apart metal, however, the user is slowed down with the attack's use and may leave them worn down afterwards.

Black Shield: A defensive ability in which the user crossed their arms and bends their legs upwards. Afterwards, an energy shield in the shape of an octahedral will form around the user. This shield will defend against most attacks, though it's max potential is unknown. The downside to using this is that the user cannot move while the shield is active, though, if they are moving prior to using the shield, it will move in that direction while picking up momentum, but will not change directions unless it bounces off of something large, such a a wall.

V Maximum Overdrive: Performed by overloading his circuitry, a destructive field of energy is formed around the user. Though its power is greater than the Ring Spark Field, it also puts a large amount of strain on the user, which could result in their destruction if overused.

[Copied Abilities]
Blue Tornado: (Sonic the Hedgehog)
The user jumps into the air and proceeds to circle around rapidly in the middle of the air. This act creates a small tornado which only lasts for a short while. While the tornadoes only last for a short while (10-15 seconds at most), multiple tornadoes can be made at once.

Light Speed Attack: (Sonic the Hedgehog)
The user performs a Spin Dash, building up enough energy to perform the attack (which usually only takes at most 3-6 seconds). One the attack is used, the user will perform several chain attacks on any enemy surrounding them. While charging, the user is vulnerable to attack.

Chaos Spear: (Shadow the Hedgehog)
A spear made of chaos energy, the user summons chaos energy through their palm(s) and either manifests it into a spear which can be thrown later on, or instantly fires off the bolt. While it's mostly an offensive projectile, weaker versions of the attack can be used to stun enemies.

Thunder Arrow: (Knuckles the Echidna)
The Thunder Arrow is an attack similar to the Chaos Spear, however the user summons bursts of chaos energy bolts, instead of throwing them like spears, which electrocute its victims upon contact.

Chaos Control: (Shadow the Hedgehog)
The user has the ability to warp space and time to a limited extent. Being capable of stopping, slowing down, or speeding up time in specific areas. However, it's more common use is the transportation of matter from one place to another. These powers are increased via the amount of Chaos Energy the user possesses, whether it be of their own, or obtained from sources such as the Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald itself, at which point, distance, as well as total amount of mass able to be teleported increase as well as total time one is able to stop time. Time travel capabilities are also available should the user possess two or more Chaos Emeralds.

Chaos Sense: (Knuckles the Echidna)
An uncanny ability that allows the user to sense sources of Chaos Energy, particularly those of the Chaos and Master Emeralds, or even similar objects such as the Sol Emeralds.

Fire Dunk: (Knuckles the Echidna)
The user picks up an object with significant mass and smacks it towards a target with enough force that it becomes a fire ball which explodes on impact. Though, it's only usable with objects that could survive such an act.

Chroma Camo: (Espio the Chameleon)
The user cloaks themselves entirely by refracting light in a very complex manner. However, this is only limited to the user itself, as anything that isn't directly attached to the main body will be visible, unless placed inside the user. This also doesn't stop the user from producing light.

Psychokinesis: (Silver the Hedgehog)
Also abbreviated as "PK", Psychokinesis is an ability that involves using the mind to move objects. The user as well as the objects that are manipulated by PK are enveloped in a cyan colored aura. This ability is very versatile, and can be used to create "psychic blades" and is capable of stopping fireballs and other plasma based attacks. Unfortunately, it cannot grab lasers and it requires concentration for an organic user to use. Which due to Neo's A.I. this isn't much of a problem.

Rune Magic: (Christian Selphia and Kasai Sechs) Locked
The user is able to conjure spells via Rune Essence. This includes destructive spells such as lightning, or creating what's known as "Rune Gates", tears in space-time, which allow travel through long distances. Neo has copied two styles of Rune Magic, he possess the offensive based style of Kasai Sechs and the more well-rounded style of Chris Selphia, which theoretically allows use of the Gate of Norad.
Locked, due to Neo not having any connection to the Forest of Beginnings. It would require contact with a Rune Sphere to unlock, or being installed with some way to use Rune Magic.

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{Finally updating Chris, spot the differences, folks}
{This is not an end all update, a lot of the abilities are in flux, most are granted via equips}
{Art doesn’t belong to me, one picture is a commission I had a friend do, see if you can spot the one}

“I’ll be strong enough, for the two of us Hope, so don’t cry...I’ll keep on fighting for you! Until there’s nothing left to fight! And then...then I’ll be able to rest...”

“Sure, I can’t save everyone, but that doesn’t matter, if I can save just one person, surely that makes my sacrifices, in the end, worth it?”

“Seeing Hope smile...that gives me the strength to push on, I’m not fighting for the fun of it, I’m fighting because I have no other choice. To keep her from crying, to keep her safe, that’s why I fight. I have others who can defend the Heartlands...but only I can defend my own heart.”

II Name II
Christian Selphia(True Name)
Christian El Nagil (Adoptive Name)
Christian Adams (G.U.N. Database)

II Other Names II
King of Dragons (Official Title)
Son of Ventuswill (Noradic Title)
Pincushion (Various allies)
Chrissy (Hope’s nickname)
Faker (By Kasai Sechs)

II Arcana II

II Alignment II
Social Good

II Species II
Human-Dragon Hybrid(Pre RETRO Genesis Wave)
Pureblooded Hybridic Elder Dragon(Post Genesis Wave)

II Gender II

About a thousand years, of those, Chris has only lived roughly 42 of those years, ten on Norad, 32 on Mobius. Physically he appears to be 25.

II Date of Birth II
September 5th, Noradic Calendar Year Unknown

II Height II
{Humanoid Form}
5’ 10-11”
{Dragon Form}
If I got the size wrong for second, I’ll fix later

II Weight II
{Humanoid Form}
156 Pounds
{Dragon Form}
15,600 Pounds

II Appearance II
{Shared between humanoid forms}
Despite Ventuswill’s Loli genes, Chris stands about average height, well built for a king in his 40’s. He’s built for speed, lean, his wings hidden behind his back most of the time. Generally he’s well kept, his eyes tend to flicker between green and gold, depending on circumstances. A black trenchcoat, magically enhanced to allow him to store items in subspace pockets, generally used as a disguise.

{Standard form}
Hair a dark green, Chris’s eyes are much duller green in this form, generally he’s seen in professor’s suit, usually tan or dark blue, even black. Sometimes he wears cargo shorts and a t-shirt, two holsters carry his twin Rune Guns, designed for ease of combat.
[Introduced during Death Egg Arc]

{Battle Form}
Activated by drawing Rune Force from its scabbard, Chris’s hair turns a dull red, his eyes turning a bright green, a result of the magic flowing from his sword, and through his Rune circuits. His entire uniform changes, becoming much more swordman like, though the top differs, generally some form of leather covers his chest, exposing some parts of his front and back. Rune Force appears in a pair of scabbards on his back, hip holsters carry his Rune Pistols. Black pants of an unknown material, along with boots are his primary covering for his lower body. He also has been known to wear a Trench Coat on occasion.

{Demi-Dragonoid form}
Triggered by a partial activation of Chris’s Dragon Stone, Chris’s hair turns white, parts of his body becoming dragon like, namely taloned feet, hands, scales visible on his neck, cheeks, and lower arms. Generally seen wearing his battlecloak, to avoid scaring people.

{Skinned Form}
If enough damage is dealt to Chris, of fire or Chaos attribute, Chris’s skin peels away, to reveal a much more reptilian like appearance. In this form, Chris’s eyes are yellow, his wings thin and membranous, like a bats. His hair remains white, canines are longer, he tends to appear slightly hunched over. This is also briefly seen before transforming fully into Stardust Dragon.
[Introduced during Death Egg Arc, though only seen briefly]

{Quasar Chris}
A humanoid type transformation, Chris becomes cloaked in green energy, remaining in his battle form, usually triggered by exposure to extreme rage or anger, such as seen when on the Death Egg. He doesn’t have any wings in this form, instead focusing on speedy attacks, powered by his magic. Where his Rune Supply Lines are active, energy leaks to the surface of his skin, forming geometric patterns.
[Introduced during Death Egg Arc]

{Stardust Dragon -And other associated Dragon forms}
Triggered by a full activation of his Dragon Stone, Chris’s body elongates, becoming much more muscular, before turning into Stardust Dragon, his wings growing to the proper ratios. Additional forms are triggered by further usage of a Dragon Stone.
[Stardust Dragon intial Dragon Form, Majestic Star unlocked during Storm Generator Mini-Arc, Shooting Quasar during Death Egg MKIX Arc, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode created after Code Black Arc]

{Assault Mode-Humanoid Form}
Activated via dual wielding Rune Force, or by the associated command spell, Assault Form appears to be silvery colored armor, covering critical parts of his body. See the card art for Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, in pictures attached.
[Unlocked after Code Black Arc]

II Relationships II
{Immediate Family}
+Luciela R. Sourcream (Terror Variant)(Maternal Grandmother)
+Luciela R. Sourcream (Noblesse)(Alternative Grandmother)
+Ventuswill Selephia (Mother)
+Máv̱ros Drákos the Stardust Dragon (Father)
+Thirteen "Ruby" Dragoon (Mother-In-Law)
+Julian Robotnik (Father-In-Law)
Lagil El Nagil (Foster Father)
Lulu Fortune (Foster Mother)
+Invidia Drakos (Elder Sister)
Hellige Drakos (Younger Sister)(Not yet introduced)
+Fourteen "Hope" Robotnik (Wife)
+"Honoo" Dragoon (Half-Brother)
+Lieselotte Selphia (Adopted Sister)
+Makoto Naegi 苗木 誠 (Adopted Brother)
+Chihiro Fujisaki  (Adopted Sibling)
Junko Enoshima (Arcadium Variant, Adopted Sister) I think she converted-
Ryouko? (Adopted Sister?)
Miku Zatsune Selphia (Ex-Wife)(Deceased)
Julie Brown (Ex-Wife)(Unknown)
+Umi Selphia 闇 (Ex-Wife)(Unknown)
+PCN-01 Eiяєηє Selρнια (Daughter)(Mother: Miku)(Reploid)
+PCN-04 Elpis  (Son)(Mother: Miku)(Reploid)
Kiku Joun Selphia (Daughter)(Mother: Miku)(Unknown)
+Lin H. Selphia & +Ren Selephia (Twins)(Mother: Miku)
Alexander Selphia (Son)(Mother: Miku)(Unknown)
Nono Selphia (Adopted Daughter)(Unknown)
Melody Selphia (Daughter)(Mother: Julie)(Unknown)
+Zacнarery Selphia (Son)(Mother: Julie)
Gerald Selphia (Illegitimate Son)(Mother: Umi)(Unknown)
+Yilvoxe Selphia, Princess of the Heartlands (Future Daughter)(Mother: Hope)
? +Haruya ? (Dimensional Son?)(Mother: Unknown)
+Galaco Galaxias (Adopted Daughter)
PCN-02 Bloodstone (Reploid Creation) Couldn't tag
+PCN-03 Solaris (Net-Navi Creation)
PCN-05 Serene (Reploid Creation) Couldn't tag
+PCN-06 Govad (Reploid Creation)
+PCN-07 Gaia (Reploid Creation)
+PCN-08 Chromium (Reploid Creation)(Unknown)
PCN-X1 Nekomi (Reploid Creation)(Unknown)
+PCN-X2: Oriσи (Gundam Creation)
+PCN-X3 Ryukyu  (Reploid Creation)(Maverick)
+PCN-X4: Cross (Gundam Creation)
PGN-1 Vickor (Grandson?)(Deceased)
PGN-2 Anubis (Grandson?)
+Zero DWN-∞ (Son?)(Data used to create PCNs)

~Will Update~

{Extended Family}
+Alice S. Glory "Senpie" (Aunt)
+Garnet Rose (Blood Brother)
Snively (Cousin In law?)
Unnamed Siblings of Mavros Drakos
+Siga SєƖρнια (Presumed Cousin)
+Aкαgι (Aircraft Carrier mum)
~Will Update~

+Nikki Azura  (Apprentice)
+Rudolf The Wolfman (Wolfman friend)
+Cassendra Selphia (Sword)
+Oriana Drakos  (Family Curse)
+The Crimson Genesect  (Ranger Partner)(Unknown)
+Rex Genesect Ver. 1.0 (Partner)
+Kasai Selphia (Dimesional Counterpart)
+Kirisame Marisa (Battling Partner)(Unknown)
Ismae Rienne (Dragon Friend)(Unknown)
+Sнιяσ тнє Hєɗgєнσg (Mobian Ally)
HMRSN-01 Rose Churchill (Bodyguard)(Unknown)

~Will Update~

+Julian Robotnik (Father-In-Law)(Egg Emperor)
+• Thorndike • (Dark Gaia’s host)(False King)
+Kasai Sechs (Genderbent Anti)
Nerie Trahir (Sechs Empress)(Prime Verse)

~Will Update~

II Personality II
Chris is a generally cheerful, kind hearted young male, always desiring to help those around him, even innocent at times. He believes that anyone can become his friend, or at least an ally, thus he does everything in his power to befriend people. He only becomes rude to those who spurn his attempts to welcome, friendship is one thing, a simple greeting is another.

However, this acts as a facade, to hide a slightly more unstable dragon, traumatized by his sister Invidia’s death. He’s afraid of losing everyone, and thus is constantly growing, trying to protect everyone. Each death weighs heavily upon him. He also has an intense hatred for Julian, a result of Hope’s demise on the Death Egg. His several own deaths have also contributed to his current mentality.

Chris is prone to make puns and jokes, his innocence tending to attract females, as well as his gentlemanly nature, that of being kind to everyone, especially the opposite sex. Only those who he’s truly loved have seen the vulnerable part of him, such as Hope and Miku.

Rarely open about his true state of mind or feelings, Hope is perhaps the sole person to have seen almost sides of Chris, as Miku died prior to Chris becoming unstable.

II Gear II
Rune Force: A pair of arcane forged blades, they take the appearance of a long sword and a broad sword. Chris forged these by himself in Norad, no other copies are known to exist in this corner of the universe, as only Chris knows how to make them. The blades glow a light cyan, changing in intensity based on Chris’s current willpower, changing color when spells are cast, corresponding to the element. Resources used in forging: Dragon Stones, Rune Crystals, an unknown material for the scabbards. Generally seen on Chris’s back. Signature Skill granted: Saber A modifier is added to indicate which variant is in use. Chris can summon the blades to him via Rune Gates, as long as he knows where they are roughly, or is able to use magic. Following the Code Black Arc, the blades gained sentience, forming Cassendra.

Rune Guns: A pair of arcane forged guns, they resemble portable rail guns, and are powered by Dust Capsules, or Rune Magic as needed. In the bad future, Yilvoxe is seen carrying slightly modified variants, presumably her making changes to fit her fighting style. It is unknown what they are forged from, generally seen at Chris’s side.

Ventuswill’s Charm: A magical artifact given to Chris by his mother, by uttering a command spell, Chris can tap into the nearest Native Dragon Class’s supplyline of Rune Magic, using it for himself, like the protagonist in Rune Factory 4. It can also be used to track anyone else wearing the pendant, like Hope, Chris’s wife.

Rune Coat: A magically enhanced trenchcoat, the pockets are enchanted to allow him easy access to his dimensional pocket, without it looking weird. Also designed to reduce fire and ice damage.

False Rune Spheres: Weaker versions of the original Rune Spheres, Chris owns two, Fire and Wind, increasing his mastery over the corresponding elements. When using one, they generally appear in his hand, or fuse with Rune Force temporarily.

True Rune Spheres: The Original Rune Spheres of Rune Factory 4, or at least made by the same people who made the first set, Chris has the Rune Sphere of Earth, or Fall, allowing him to begin researching Earth Magic, he’s still limited to the RF canon set of spells.

Assault Mode(Humanoid): Powerful Magical Armor fashioned using information taken from the battle with Julian’s Code Black Mech, Assault Mode resembles its Card counterpart almost perfectly, though armor for Chris’s wings have yet to be glimpsed. When Assault Mode is equipped, Chris’s magical prowess increases immensely, allowing him to absorb enemy energy attacks, and channel them into the cells in his body, converting to Rune Essence. Physical Strength and Durablity also go significantly up, speed drops, to account for the weight. One of the drawbacks is its insane amount of energy consumption, Chris has to constantly feed the armor energy from his body, to keep it going, it’s also surprisingly easy to tear off the armor if one have the required strength. There’s also the upper limit to its energy rate it can take in, too much can over power the armor if it can’t be output fast enough. Activated by Chris drawing Rune Force’s second blade, and yelling the phrase “Assault Mode, activate!”

Assault Mode(EX): Created by a resident of Genysoko, this form of Assault is also called the Iron Dragoon, this armor retains most of its previous form boosts, but has several advantages over the prior form. Chris isn’t slowed down by the armor, he can take in twice the amount of energy maximum at a given time, and he can use it for longer, as his base mana pool is much greater, his supply lines pumping much faster. However, this armor can take a massive toll on Chris, leaving him virtually defenseless after use, it also retains the ripping off weakpoint. He uses this as a last resort.

Dakota’s Pendant: Given to him by the Native Dragon known as Dakota, Dakota’s Charm/Pendant grants Chris water breathing, and an upgraded form of Mediposion, along with Delta Laser, a three way water attack like hydro pump. Combined with Venti’s Charm, Chris presumably can eventually unleash powerful combos with Native Dragon magic.

Full-Metal: Given to him by Levant, this Dark Bring allows Chris to turn himself into solid metal, permitting him to move around much like Neo Metal Sonic. However, the weaknesses of metal manipulation makes it only a tool in his tool kit, never used, but there just as a last resort.

Rune Canisters: Modeled after Chaos Drives and Zero/X’s Subtanks, Rune Canisters are portable tanks filled with Rune Essence drawn from one of the four Rune Wells around the globe. Chris is generally only able to carry two, but just one is equal to around 4,000 units of mana, about half of Chris’s starting supply.

Dragon Stone: Similar to the Dragon Stones of Fire Emblem, Chris can use one to ascend into one of his numerous dragon forms. Regardless of the form used, Chris can only hold each form for a duration, due to energy constraints. Obtainable Forms: Stardust Xialong, Debris Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Stardust Spark Dragon{Alternative form of Stardust}, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, Majestic Star Dragon, Shooting Star Dragon Locked, Shooting Quasar Locked. Significant drawbacks: Energy consumption rates, anti-dragon weaponry, lightning magic, arrows. Notable Abilities: Except for the first two, all have a form of Stardust Stream of Destruction, a dragon element attack, similar to Dragon Pulse{Pokemon}, each successive form is stronger than the last.

Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon: The bound form of Oriana Drakos, the Tachyon Lady. As long as Chris carries the card on him, he can use her powers, at the cost of feeding her his negative emotions. Granted Abilities: Tachyon Drive{Nullifies enemy magic currently affecting user}, Tachyon Transmigration{A beam or sphere of Tachyon Particles, beam comes from users hand, sphere is similar to Chaos Blast, moves FTL, if an opponent is hit, suppresses all magical or supernatural ability, From Tempo next bit Prevents Stand Users from summoning Stands, cannot effect a Stand already out.}, Temporal Halt{Temporarily stop time within a given area for ten seconds, requires energy be left in Oriana }, Temporal Rewind{Turn time back a minute, further use increases duration Locked }. Significant drawbacks: Cannot affect Stands, can only use two abilities per day, Chris’s own nature. Called the Selphia Family Curse, received the card from his father, the former Dark Lord.

II Skills II
For ease of writing, I’m not going to describe every skill, simply name a category, and list unlocked abilities.
Note, I may forget skills, so just because it’s not here, doesn’t mean I don’t have it, at least in terms of moves, I will try to update as I recall

{Natural Abilities: AKA abilities since birth}
Aerokinesis: As the child of the Native Dragon of Wind, Chris is born with the power to control wind, however, his level of mastery is limited by his knowledge and mana pool. When using this power, Chris takes increased damage from ice and lightning magic, as well as rocks. Unlocked Moves: Aeroblast(Pokemon), Air Cutter(Pokemon), Ceila’s Gale(Copied Tome Spell: FE), Elwind(FE), Flight, Ground Boost, Air Boost, Speed Boost, Tempest(Limit Break type attack, summons a Tempest, go figure), Jump Cancel, Stomp?
Major Notes: All abilities have a Rune Attribute, doing increased damage to Chaos Users, and the same in reverse.

Gate Formation: An ability common to all Native Dragons, Chris can project Rune Gates, rifts in the fabric of space time, allowing movement between different locations, such as the Human and Forest Realms. Chris doesn’t need to speak to summon gates, only image what he needs, can be combined with all other of his spells. A elemental modifier determines what type of attribute attacks can be launched, or the effect it has on an opponent, if scooped up by one.
Type of Gates: Fire, Wind, Earth{Locked}, Water, Light, Dark, Love, Heaven’s Gate{Locked, permits non Rune Users to enter the Forest within reason}, Inversion{Takes in enemy attacks, fires them back out through the same gate, or another, lower limit if former}, Flashgate(Movement Gate)
Limitations: Chris can only use up to ten gates actively at one time, Chaos attacks can shut down the gates, anything that forces him to lose focus. He also refuses to use them to rip people apart, being honourable.

Rune Factory: Named after his series, this is the ability that allows Chris to generate mana from the cells in his body, via taking in energy around him when in Assault Mode, or from just breathing. This ability only works when Chris has mana to draw on, as it needs mana to start the reaction. He can convert foreign types of energy into Rune Magic, another significant limitation is based on the Runes of the land, the rate he produces energy at rises and falls based on the power of the Runes. He also can’t convert Chaos Energy, his cells can’t handle the energy type.
So I’m uncreative, its hard to think of a better name than Energy Generation/Conversion

Dragon Form: See Dragon Stone

Unarmed Combat: Chris can use his entire body as a weapon, though he prefers using his swords and guns, as compared to bare hands. Associated Skills: Any Palm type skills{Matches up to Saber and Shot skills} Limitations: Range, anything that can’t be beaten with fists.

Vocal Magic: Basically any magic that uses words that he can use on his own, without special training. Greeting spells, magic to hide his Noradic Accent, and to make people think he’s speaking their language. Charm Speak is a separate skill.

Escape: A weak teleportation spell, Chris uses this as a last resort, the only significant limitations are range, and areas that prevent escape.

Revival/Forest Regeneration: A strange form of regeneration granted by the mingling of Native Dragon, and Duel Dragon DNA, upon taking enough damage, Chris shatters, going to the Forest of Beginnings, to recover for a set period of time, maximum time is a week. Limitations are if he’s defeated in the forest, or someone grabs his soul fragments before he can escape. Then others have to revive him, but after a set time normally, he will be able to return on his own. He also cannot use this ability when Robotized.

DragonKinesis: The power to control the dragonic element, to date, Chris can infuse all of his attacks with dragonic elements, as long as they match the requirements. Skills: Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance(Attack and Speed Buff), Dragon Tail(In Dragon Forme), Dragonic Ascent(See Dragon Stone)

Semblance: A natural ability Chris comes with, using aura to charge up an aura version of the Meteor Rain spell. Unlocked with Garnet’s help, requires mana to use.

~To be added to as I recall~

{Artificial Abilities: AKA Powers not started with that he can use whenever}

UmbraKinesis: Resulting from exposure to Shadowloids, Chris has a few basic skills related to shadows, namely illusions. Light is the biggest drawback. Skills: Illusion, Dark Pulse(Pokemon), Night Slash(Pokemon)

Astra: A sword skill Chris picked up via the Sword Master Class, Chris can use this ability as long as he carries a bladed weapon of some sort on him, as well as certain types of ranged weapons. Five patterned strike, deals reduced damage, unless triggered manually.

Charmspeak: Copied from repeated exposure to Julian and Hope, Chris has the ability to infuse his words with magic, to sway the minds of those around him to a certain state. Those with decent mental defenses are going to be immune, or at least hold out longer. Useless if a person knows he’s trying to sway them with magic.

Love Magic: Rune Magic School that focuses on healing magic, though some buffs can be gained via this class. Skills: Recover(Pokemon), Heal, Heal All(Effects all party members), Charmspeak(See entry), Greeting Magic(Like Charmspeak).

HydroKinesis: Gained from Dakota’s Charm, Chris has begun to learn how to control water, primarily to breath under water, and walk upon it. Originally, he had one spell from this class, to heal status conditions. Skills: Mediposion(Cures all status ailments, except when suppressed), Delta Laser(Three beams of water, think Fire Blast), Surf{For walking on water}, Hydro Pump Locked, Dive, Water Breathing, Hurricane(Water Form of Tempest)

FireKinesis: The first new class of Rune Magic Chris gained, Chris controls flames, this is considered to be his strongest magical class, after Air. He can set targets alight via Fire Rune Gates, combined with other schools, unleash devastating combos. Skills: Attack Buff, Flame Wheel, Fire Blast, Flame Thrower, Fire Storm(Fire Form of Tempest), Tri-Attack(Combined with Thunder Magic and Ice Magic locked), Fire Pulse(Copied from Hope, Fire form of Aeroblast), Ember, Fire Fist. Limitations: Needs fuel source, water, air.

TerraKinesis: Gained via the Rune Sphere of Earth, Chris has begun to experiment with earth magic, though he’s a long way from anything good. Skills: Earthen Spikes(RF Skill, summons spikes of rocks from the ground), Dig Locked , Earthquake locked

Meteor: A unique class of spells, Chris can change the element of the attack by firing it through the corresponding gate, or forming it before hand. Skills: Ice Meteor, Fire Meteor, Light Meteor, Shadow Meteor, Rock Meteor, Thunder Meteor, Air Meteor, Love Meteor, Meteor Rain. Generally just him shooting meteors out of Rune Gates.

LightKinesis: The 5th type of Rune Magic, Chris has a few spells in his arsenal of this type, one granted through contact with Light Gaia briefly. Skills: Flash(Pokemon), Genesis(Revival Spell, deals AoE Holy Damage to enemies, while reviving those knocked out, or recently killed, requires a limit break), Light Pulse, Light Blast, Light Tackle.

ThunderKinesis: Derived from Fire and Air Magic, easy to explain, just Thunder Magic. Skills: Thunder, Tempest(Air + Thunder), Thunderbolt, Spark, Shock, Elthunder, Wild Charge.

~To be expanded upon as buffs happen~

~{Skills/Abilities granted via Gear}~

Saber: The signature ability granted by Rune Force, the attack takes the form of an arc of crescent shaped magic, presumably copied from Zero. The blades change color based on selected Saber skill. As a general rule of thumb, Chris gains new Saber Skills as he learns new elements, or copies other opponents. Current Saber Skills: Flame, Aero, Ice, Aqua, Thunder, Light, Genesis(Pulse form of normal Genesis), Blood(Increases Critical hit chance and damage), Shadow, Dragon, Rock, Love.

Shot: Granted via his Rune Pistols, the guns can also shoot Dust Capsules, the bullets change color based on element. See Saber for skills. If he’s using Dust, once he runs out, that’s it basically.

Tachyon Associated Skills: Magical and Supernatural nullification, generally permanent unless a potion is drunk, a spell is cast, or one sleeps. FTL Rates, limited to a use twice per day. From Oriana

Time Manipulation: Granted via Tachyon Magic, Chris can only use this with Oriana, once their bond grows strong enough. Time Stop, Time Reversal, see Tachyon Dragon for further details

Native Boost: Using Venti’s charm, Chris can channel the power of the nearest Native Dragon class entity, and use it to boost his own skills to impressive levels. Limited duration and amount of energy used at a given time.

~Will Expand upon as needed~

{Skills that require combined Abilities}

Tachyon Spark: A combo move used by Chris and Marisa at one point, deals damage and nullifies abilities.

Gate of Norad(Vault Release): Copied from Chris studying Makoto and Gilgamesh’s abilities, Chris gained the ability to rapid fire swords from his signature Rune Gates. These blades come from factories in the Heartlands, so he’s constantly increasing his supply, generally iron or steel. If the skill is being activated, ripples like Gilgamesh’s appear, Chris can also use this to summon his weapons back to his side if need be. Extensive Mana drain.

II Stats/Abilities II
{Values are subject to change based on information above}

Dragonic Heritage: Being a dragon, all of Chris’s base stats are naturally several levels above the average human, even in his “sealed” form(Humanoid). As a Wind Attribute Dragon, his skill and speed stats are the greatest buffed, at the cost of strength and durability. The hallmarks of his heritage are his wings, and scales under his skin.

Swordmaster Class: Being trained in the art of the blade, Chris’s dexitry, speed, and skill are boosted extensively, giving him seemingly superhuman reaction times. Despite the buffs, his durability and strength are affected.

Durability: In his human form, Chris has average durability for his race, able to suffer extensive damage before succumbing to his wounds. At least village level durability as a humanoid, city level as a dragon. Possibly nation level as Majestic Star Dragon Dragon, or Assault Mode.

Movement Speed: In his human form, Chris can attain speeds ranging from 90 MPH to well over 150+, while nothing compared to most of Julian’s mechs, he’s been training to boost his speed higher, his speed goes up with each successive form. Top speed: 400 MPH+ (Majestic Stardust Dragon)

Attack Speed: Sub-Sonic(Sword), Sonic(Certain attacks), Light(Genesis), FTL(Tachyon Drive), Instant? (Time Stop)

Reflexes: Tied into his sword master and dragon skills, Chris, while being sub-sonic movement wise, has hair trigger reflexes, as long as the attack isn’t Super-Sonic or higher, he can usually dodge it.

Mana Pool: Chris’s initial supply of mana is rather low, around 8,000 units, far less than his mother can draw upon, and prevents him from using some of his more dangerous abilities, such as Oriana, which can chew through his mana, almost run entirely out. With Rune Force drawn, spell consumption goes down, eventually permitting him to extend his total mana, this can also be done by eating certain foods, which restore health and mana, while also extending his total pool. Assault Mode also heavily chews through his mana, a last resort type ability.

Strength: With strength far surpassing the average human, Chris can easily lift 1-2 tons, though this requires magic to hold for more than a few seconds. In Assault Mode, he becomes strong enough to match Base Zero.

Accuracy: Drawn straight from his high skill, Chris can easily land combos, this is especially evident with his guns, and really any projectile weapon he comes across.

Magical Resistance: Chris has a high resistance to most elements, even being able to convert it to energy he can use, however, certain spells and attacks will ignore this resistance {See Weaknesses}

Waterbreathing: With Dakota giving him her father’s charm, Chris has the ability to survive underwater, up to depths of 2,000 feet. At that point, lack of oxygen becomes an issue.

Regeneration: Outside of the Forest, Chris’s regeneration more takes the form of healing surface injuries, losing an entire limb isn’t something he can easily recover from without returning home. Chris can regenerate his entire human body, but he has to be within the Forest for it to work. Exposure to massive amounts of Rune Energy however can regen limbs, as when Ruby Rose took Chris to a Rune Well in the Temple, restoring Chris’s wings.

Intellect: While an exact measurement can’t be taken, its presumed Chris’s IQ ranges from 150-175 points, depending on circumstances. As with his mana pool, Chris can temporarily raise his useable IQ point by eating certain foods, or by just training skills.

Cellular Factories: Each cell in Chris’s body have tiny organelles that take in fuel, to create energy, primarily energy for the cell to use, as well as Rune Magic, as long as Chris has mana to start the chain reaction. Via this, Chris can constantly produce mana over a given amount of time, whenever his mana drops below a certain threshold, mana production begins, when it reaches a certain threshold, the factories shut off.

Rune Dragon Heritage: As a Rune/Native Dragon, Chris upon death via a Rune Weapon, will return to the Forest of Beginnings, and eventually be reborn, via magic in the realm. This ability is drawn from Ventuswill’s cryptic words at the end of RF4’s second story arc. Otherwise, he just dies.

Duel Monster Heritage: From his father’s side, upon taking too much damage, Chris will retreat to his place of origin, which were he pure blooded, would be the Duel Monster realm, but due to his dual heritage, takes him to the Forest instead, even accelerating the rate at which he’s reborn.

Adaption: Chris can learn new abilities that match up to skills he already has, like skill trees, or Zero’s Learning System, by meeting new people, or battling opponents. Examples include Saber and Meteor skill sets. He cannot learn new moves instantly, he has to see them a few times, or understand how they work, abilities outside his scope need to be taught over a course of time, or given and explained.

~To be Expanded when I recall stuff or get reminded~

{Note, this is a summary of Chris’s history, a detailed history would take too long. As such, pre Genesis Wave will not be covered, only high lights}
{As in, a year by year thing}

1,042 Years Ago: Born to Ventuswill Selphia and Mavros Drakos, second child.
1,032 Years Ago: Civil War breaks out, witnesses Invidia die, sent forward through time gate to Mobius
1,032-32 Years Ago: In chronostasis
32 Years ago: Arrives on Mobius, in Spagonia, around time of Julian’s robotization of most of Mobius. Ends up a waif on the streets
31 Years ago: Taken in by Lagil foster family.
24 Years ago: Shattered World Crisis, aged 18, loses ability to walk, cause unknown. Begins attending Spagonia University in the fall.
20 Years ago: Hired by G.U.N.
17 Years Ago(September to October: 2014 irl): Discovers Rune Sphere in Amazon, travels to Temple, meets Zatsune, is married, gains back ability to walk via a wish. Becomes a scientist under Alice, reunited with his mother. Learns about previous timeline via Zero, locates Rune Sphere of Fire, four Spheres vanish, begins conflict with Julian

16 Years ago: Travels to Norad, forges Rune Force, fights, meets Nikki, betrayed by Nerie, returns home. Eirene born shortly after, first PCN built.
15 Years ago: Kiku born, Eirene and PCN-02 prototype go rogue, project Solaris placed on hold, PCN-04 lost in space.
15-1 Years Ago: Information unavailable. Presumed to have finished PhD prior to time skip.
11 Months Ago(November: 2014 irl, for reference point): Awakens Zero, installs MYTHOS presumably. Battle on board mass robotizer, Angel Island robotized. Encounters team RWBY a day or two later, one week after Angel Island, battle with Julian and Forte atop Egg-Tower, Darkness Generator destroyed.
10 Months Ago(December): Week of Raiding results in confrontation with Julian, Hope is revealed. One day later, travels to Dragon Santuary, meets Hope for first time, uses Tachyon Drive to subdue, after failure to reason. Takes her to Temple, fights Vile on the flight there, Cyrus kidnaps Hope, eventually dumping in Relic Forest. Ren and Lin are born. Travels to Vale briefly, Ventuswill kidnapping occurs.
9 Months Ago(January): Various battles with Julian, Soleanna showdown with Egg-Cereberus. Alexander born. Possibly when Black Knight mission occurred. Ismae and Umi are introduced.
8 Months Ago(February): Subspace Bomb Scare, Julian killed, revives that night, kills Chris. Chris revived day or so later by Lady with Eyes of Blue, with Zatsune’s help. Hope discovered in Relic Forest, captured and brought back to Temple, suicide attempt results in Chris bringing her back to Empire. Invidia revived sometime during month, Ismae is introduced
7 Months Ago(March): Hope awakes from coma, falls in love with Chris, mating season begins, Chris and Hope are together once. Invidia kills Chris, then badly injures Hope, restrained by Cyrus, Ventuswill takes Hope to Sanctuary. Chris revives, fights Code Black, is defeated, portion of soul locked up in Egg Tower. Cassendra and Oriana first begin forming at this time. Rescued after lengthy rematch between Shiro and Code Black.
6 Months Ago(April): Fights Julian alongside Zero, Assault Mode created, Zero kills Julian, Chris ambushed by Hope, killed in control room, revives later. Several showdowns with Enyo, reunited with Eirene, PCN-02 defeated.
5 Months Ago(May): Zatsune dies first time, Julie introduced. Melody and Zachery born, Junko’s erasure occurs, Julie is fused with Zatsune. Galaco and Nono are adopted into clan, Heartlands founded.
4 Months Ago(June): Death Egg MK IX launches, Chris, Cyrus and Fefnir battle Omega during launch, thrown off at end. Return 6 hours later onboard an Egg Shuttle, Makoto, Cyrus, and Jinx brought along. Battle in hanger with Lady Vader, Makoto and Chris escape via airducts to Silver Sonic showdown. Narrowly defeat Silver Sonic, battle begins with Hope, Makoto destroys armor, door, almost unlocks UBW. Attempt to calm Hope results in her killing herself, Chris conducts dragonic ritual, sends her spirit to the Forest. Rematch with Vader, battles alongside Sonic  and Zero in Death Egg finale. Possible conversation with Hope’s spirit before Death Egg begins plunge through astrosphere. Crashlands in Heartland Mountains, begins grieving. Hope buried in Yokmir Forest, Serene is built one week later. Elpis reappears along with Solaris. Zatsune dies again, Umi becomes temp mate.
3 Months ago(July): Govad, Gaia and Chornium, along with X-Series begin work. Rune Reactor destroyed by Vanessa, triggering Shattered World Crisis. Umi lays Egg, disappears along with Egg, presumed dead. First major encounter with Thorndike, information unavailable. Visits Hope in Forest of Beginnings, begin dating.

2 Months Ago(August): Dakota, Native Dragon of Water arrives in Heartlands. Mecha Chris crisis, Ultron Virus begins spreading, Chris and Hope’s daughter from the future arrives. Marries Hope. Hope revived, unknown if orginal body used, or if Hope was injected with Native Dragon and Duel Monster DNA. Chris rescued, Hope kidnapped by Thorndike. Oriana ascends into Chaos variant, Chris gains power to stop time, along with ability nullification. Hope is rescued, taken to Temple.

1/0 Months Ago(September onward): Information not present

II Major Weakness/Disadvantages II
Mana Consumption: even with Chris’s extensive Mana Pool, many of Chris’s higher level skills, and thus, his most dangerous, tend to tear through his mana like Zero’s Saber through robots. Only through training can he reduce said consumption, Assault Mode, Dragon Forms, and Oriana, however, will always cost him a lot of mana.

Water: Less a weakness now with Dakota’s charm, Chris suffers from aquaphobia, possibly caused by childhood trauma. Regardless the source, he’s just now beginning to overcome it.

Chaos Energy: Nobody's quite sure why, but Rune Energy and Chaos Energy are opposing energy sources, causing extensive harm to both users (Introduced into Glory Canon before first Genesis Wave). As a Native Dragon, Chris uses a lot of Rune Magic, making him extremely weak to Chaos Energy, as shown during his battle with Julian’s mech in the Summer Tournament.

Explosives: As a dragon, Chris can tank most attacks, but massive blunt force, such as a bomb hitting him, can do extensive damage to his internal organs, like with most Dragons.

Anti-Dragon Weapons: Chris takes extra damage from certain weapons, those designed to hurt specifically dragons. He also has a hard time interacting with those who are against Dragons, as he’s afraid of starting a fight, just because he’s the King of Dragons.

Hope: Chris loves Hope, far more so than anyone else currently alive in his family. Following her death on the Death Egg, Chris became extremely unstable for a short time, being reunited with her stabilized him. As such, if she’s captured, he’ll do anything to get her back, to keep her from crying. However, by the same token, she’s his greatest strength, giving him the will to press on, to reach his full potential. So either way, you’re going to see an angry Chris if Hope is kidnapped.

Loud Noises/Sharp Smells/Intense Light: As a Dragon, Chris can pick up sounds, smells, and light far above and below the human sensory levels. As such, the right kind of smells, noises, and light, that while irritating to a human, or even not noticable can have a drastic effect on the male.

Reploids: Despite his distrust of modern tech, Chris is really close to the androids in his family, only is Hope loved more by him. As such, a fake of them could be used to hurt him, and well, you get the picture

Modern Life: For all of his skill, Chris is actually unfamiliar with most of the modern world, even to the point of being afraid of it. He can reverse engineer tech if given time, but he was born in a society perpetually stuck between the age of Steam and the Middle Ages. He’s only survived this long via his ability to adapt.

~To be Updated~

II Themes II
{Sorry for a lot of themes, I hear songs and got creative}
Normal Form:
Battle Form:
Dragon Form:
Majestic Star Dragon:
Quasar Chris:
King Chris:
Swordmaster Theme:

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