Anyone wanna rp? I can play as any 2p though I'm mostly good at China Japan Romano Prussia and england

Does anyone want to do a 2p prucan rp?

Let us make this revive >w<

2p Italy x 2p Germany rp

May contain lemon if you want...
(I see Luciano as kinda ditzy when least in this france put something in his drink...)

Luciano headed home after drinking at the bar. His stupid drinking competition with France left him struggling to walk. "That Idiota though he could out drink me, an Italian!" he smirked to himself and crossed the road stopping at the other end to look at the sky. "Stupid ass rain clouds, I can't see the sky." He walked over too a pole and spun around it. "I want to see my Bella Luna~" Luciano then walked to his apartment building and flopped down on his floor. Germany quickly put his book away and sighed. "You know Germany...I saw that France put something in my drink...I feel dizzy." He got up and went to the couch putting his head on the arm and his feet on Germany. He kicked off his shoes and turned on the tv.....

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To My Amazing Panda

Hello Zao, How are you? Still doing Drugs again? Im not complaining, Im just asking ya. anyway, you should come over sometime. BUT NO FIGHTING. So... I love you and please do come over sometime. Thank you.

Vodka are the best. ο»Ώ

Zao reply~

Dear Vodka,

Yes hello, Viktor. What Drugs? Im not doing any drugs. Stop saying things man. Anyway, Yea ill come over and alright I won't fight. Geez... I love you too and STOP DESTROYING PANDA!!! BYE.

Drug Panda

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Hello People.
Hi everyone, I have a little segment every time I do this. It's Called a Country's Letters. A little Letter from a country to another country. So comment who is your OTP and Would you like your OTP to reply back? I'll type it out. I just did America to Canada.

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"..... This is so embarrassing"

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Hello love, Thank you for accepting me into your lovely group.

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"Ayyye- Thanks for accepting here ~!"

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.:Opened RP:.

" Anastasia has just crossed over into the 2p world of Hetalia(lol idk) she's hoping to come in contact with. Her 2p self but it looks like some people are getting to attached to her ⬇"
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