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Hello and welcome to the Gravity Falls! Enjoy your stay here. It won't be something you'll forget... If you have any problems feel free to contact +The Destructive Donut​​​​​​​,​​​ +Shannon Quartz Universe​, or +Nepeta Leijon​. Here are our other branches:

(Sexual Branch)

The sky was dark, rainy, and the wind whistled through the trees, the sun was setting and i grew tired. i found shelter under a small shrub and pulled my jacket closer to keep warm
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Name: Xenox "Xeno" Umbra Lupus

Species: Human

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown with streaks of red and a white patch

Eye color: red

Powers/abilities: none

Friends/relationships: none

Likes: Dogs, Wolves, books, ???

Dislikes: Liars, jerks

Bio: After his parents died, he inherited a small fortune and moved to the quiet town of Gravity Falls. Seems to be struggling with depression,

Other: Is awkward around other people

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Name: Norsete Nixela
Nickname: Nix or Sete
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Species/Hybrid: Fairy
Powers: Healing, Can transform from a human girl to a fairy, Illumination, Flight, Enhanced Senses, Nimble, Magic (Mostly Protection and Healing), Teleportation (Unless she is trapped in a jar or glass)
Likes: Nature, Sweets (Cookies, cupcakes, etc.), Honey, Milk, Shiny and Glittery things, Flying, Flute and Clarinet music, The Night
Dislikes: Being trapped in a jar, Bells, Water, Jars, Glass, The Sun
Is attracted to: Glowing blue lights in the dark, Shiny and Glittery things, Flute and Clarinet Music, Tiger Lilies and Lotus Flowers, Moss, Singing
Personality: Kind, Sweet, Caring, Trust Issues, Scared easily, Doesn’t really listen to others, Stubborn, Playful, Shy, Doesn’t talk much
Height: 4’5
Weight: 80 pounds
Extra: Lost her Family when she was 7, Makes herself illuminate to disguise herself as a Firefly and sometimes gets trapped in a jar doing that, she loves sweets a lot, bells hurt her ears, she sleeps on Moss and collects it, easy to carry, as a fairy she is the size of your hand, can only heal twice a day since it drains her mana fast, if she uses all of her mana she becomes paralyzed until it is replenished, if she goes over the limit of no mana then she is using her life force which can make her die but if there is a little time left then she is forced into a cocoon until she is better, she has a long small tongue that she sticks into honey or milk to drink, (more in RP)

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Name: Stark Pines
Age: 29
Brother: Stanley (Brother in Law)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Stan, Bill, and dark magic and technology
Dislikes: Ford
Bio: It's pretty crazy to be honest....
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Renya sat in the library, reading a book in the properties of architecture, when suddenly, the lights went dark. Several others in the library screamed and Renya changed into a fox, as she got spooked. Then someone bumped into her. It was...

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Name; Luna
Age: 14
Gender: female
Loves: going on monster hunts with dipper and mable
Dislikes: ....
Story: she was picked on at school cuz of her wolf ears then one day she ran into the forest and say the mystery shack and Stanley found her and gave her a job and a home. Until one day she was messing with the vending machine and found journal number 2 so now she is helping Stan with the portal to bring his brother back

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Name: Grace Gleeful
Age: 14
Birthdate: July 1st
Gender: Female
Personality: Rude, Stubborn, selfish, only nice when she wants to be.
Family: Gideon (brother), Bud (father) Charla (mother)
Abilities: Telekinesis using a pendant
Likes: Looking good, being perfect, teasing others, and her brother
Dislikes: People getting in her way, anyone who talks back, anyone who picks on her brother, people that call her ugly
Zodiac: Cancer
Appearance: turquoise dress and a light green bow in the middle, turquoise eye shadow, long white hair, an amulet around her neck, pail skin, and her cape
Bio: The not well known sibling to Gideon Gleeful, the former town's psychic. During the summer of Weirdmageddon, she was on vacation with her grandmother enjoying her time there. She bonds well with her brother and missed him a lot while she was gone. He was her only friend.
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