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Hey everyone :) <3
VOTE! <3 VOTE! <3 VOTE! <3
This is a HUGE deal for me. I would love to have your thought /input and YOUR SUPPORTING VOTE in winning this CONTEST :) <3.
I have started creating vlog videos a year ago and continue on the journey to improve them, learning how to make them better and more interesting, as well as learning and working towards improvement of their quality.
Let me know what emotions has this video stirred in your heart <3 <3
As I am in the process of working on getting better quality recording equipment (video and audio) as well as learning to use a better post-production editing software, I ask you to vote on the EVOKING EMOTION part especially, because that is one of the biggest components in movie making and the MAIN KEY ELEMENT in this judging contest.
VOTE 4 ME :) :) :) ...did I mention there are great prizes to win? MINDBLOWING STATE OF THE ART electronics and production equipment from the sponsors of LaCie's "In My Element" film contest?
I am definitely counting on YOU.
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Lots of LOVE TO YOU all
And ALWAYS take care of those CLOSEST to your HEART <3 <3
#inmyelement #lacie #filmmaking #videoproduction #evokeemotion #shortfilm #filmcontest #realexcel #elenadelgado #familyvlogs #gratitude #lovefamily

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Make daily living easier for the disabled with these aids

he living is not easy, especially doing daily activities, is not all easy for those who are disabled.

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Once in my childhood the death of someone in the community made me think about death. I tried to imagine what it was like to stop existing, and I could not. What would it be like never waking up? I could not imagine it. As a little child this subject was too hard for me to swallow. I thought, one had to exist after death, I simply could not imagine that I would simply cease to exist.

But as you grow older you witness more and more people around you dying. Relatives, friends, family members disappear from around you. And as you grow older you accept death as reality and may not even think about life after death any more.

My father passed away many years ago. A few years later a bookshop opened in the village where we lived, and my brother walked past, and seeing it went in to browse the books. The shop owner lived dozens of miles away, so they did not know each other, and since she was new in the village she could not have known anything about us.

She came to my brother and told him that my father was around here, and wanted her to pass a message to us, that he loved us very much, but did not know how to show it to us. She also knew many things about us that she could not have found out by herself.

My brother was shattered and began to wonder if there was life after death.

Death made Peter also wonder about this question as he recently lost his mother. If you have any thought on this, leave a comment on his page...

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Today, Nov 16, 12:30 PM - Sat, Nov 18, 12:30 PM

I created this event for people that have a condition/disability to follow other people that have a condition/disability because i was born with Scoliosis and Spina Bifida Occulta.

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I created this event for people that have a disability or condition that have created communities or collections for people that have a condition or disability to share their communities or collections, or you can just ask people to follow you. This event starts today and finishes at 9:30pm (UK time) tomorrow.
I created this event for people that have a disability or condition that have created communities or collections for people that have a condition or disability to share their communities or collections, or you can just ask people to follow you.

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I would like to share something with you all, as I am not only, a non-profit disability talk show host advocate, I am also an administrator, for multiple groups on Facebook. As I would like to see you all come and be a part of, the family, as I would call it. Disability Safe Haven, is a group for people who have disabilities, so they can have more freedom in sharing their stories, as this is a support group for all people with different challenges, We are all here to support one another with whatever each and everyone of us maybe going through. So, please feel free to join this group. As I look forward to seeing everyone coming together within this group. It's all about you. So, come and join in on the fun and invite family and friends to support you!

Warm Regards,

Katrina Smith, (Host of Living With)

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Virginia had an atonic seizure, where she fell down because her legs went limp, then she had a couple of absence seizures. A complex seizure followed (it starts focally within the brain and causes impairment of consciousness), that is why Virginia didn't know what was happening.
In an atonic seizure, a person suddenly loses muscle tone so their head or body may go limp, sometimes they can fall on one side or even drop face down to the floor.
#epilepsyawareness #simplepartialseizure #atonicseizure #absenceseizure #seizuresclusters

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