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To join the beta, join the community and then go to

It sometimes takes a minute after you join the community for it to become active, so if the link is bad, wait a moment and try again.

Can you add a section for the Unchained Summoner's spell list under the spells section? It differs quite a bit from the standard summoner.

Just picked up the Monster Hunter pdf, any plans to add the material to the app?

Trying to get some friends interested and I had a thought. Do you guys have plans on adding a way to make charaters even if it was a second app? I would think being able to mark spells on your sheet that opens it in the app would be handy to have. I am sure that it will not become a thing just because it may be difficult to do but it got me thinking. 

This is the best app for Pathfinder, period. I noticed though that Bestiary 5 seems to be missing. Any plans to add it (and 6 now that it's released?

Love the app, except I'm currently building a Ranger, and it seems to be missing half the archtypes.

Hello. Love the app, probably the best thing in the android store. One thing, the Ultimate Magic sorcerer bloodlines don't show in their respective class customization tab. 

I'm not sure if I have the beta or not, but there appears to be a mis-entry for paladin archetypes, specifically for Antipaladin--It shows as "Class Features" and "Class Skills" instead of a singular "Antipaladin"

There is a missentry under tower shields. It says +43 sheild bonus.

Is this app not doing ANY 3rd party stuff Period? I really like the psionic stuff. It's basically a magic system that uses MP(PP) like in videogame RPG's. I find that system soooo much easier to use and cast multiple spells I like just like in videogames like Final Fantasy.
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