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To join the beta, join the community and then go to

It sometimes takes a minute after you join the community for it to become active, so if the link is bad, wait a moment and try again.

Hey any idea when the new books will be added?

Love the app, thanks for all the hard work. Long time gamer but I've only been playing Pathfinder a short time. 

 So, quick question, are there any rules existing for material links. For example: if a wizard has hair, blood etc from a target does it give a negative on the targets save? I know it exists for the scrying spell but I have not seen it for others. Specifically, spells like dominate or suggestion? 

Thanks for your time.

Is there a way to copy bookmark lists from one device to another?

This app is incredibly useful. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Question - I see that Pathfinder is moving (at some point) to a 2.0 version. I don't plan to move to the new version. Will you still support Pathfinder 1.0 after 2.0 is released?

Hi, amazing app I've been using for years now. We've started a Starfinder campaign and wondering if you guys are working on an app for that at all. Thanks

Hi from Spain. Great job with your app!

As DM, I use to have it on hand in my tablet as I quick reference tool. It's very useful and I love it.

One single question. Yesterday, I realized you speak of an Investigator's spell list, but I thought that hybrid class use the alchermis's formulae and I wan't able to find any info about it in any Paizo's rulesbook.
Could you give me some info about it?

A section on weapons and armor and a section on magical items would be hugely benificial.

Your description for the "Uncanny Dodge" Barbarian class ability is inaccurate. Could do for an edit, fyi.

Alchemical crafting kit is 5 pounds not 50 pounds
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