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Node.js tutorial from Scratch (Include PDF)

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How to start a career in retail management? Is website designing course more demanding or retail management?

The retail sector is exploding, and this is just the right time to consider a career in this industry. For the uninitiated, retail management is a specialized career option, where you will be in charge of display merchandise, management of different sections and inventory. Here’s how you can start your career. #retailmanagement #webdesigning #enlivenskills #softwaretraining

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I'm using a Nodemailer module to send a message.
The message I sent is successful, but the messages I send are not saved in the sent folder. Please advise me.

How to manage accounts and create posts using node js
I was googling about API to give me ability for create post on google plus account or manage pages or groups as Facebook API or something like that and then use these futures to make other people using this way to authenticate they account and then manage and post on it

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Learn how to develop modern APIs with Hapi.js and Node.js, while using Redis as the persistence layer 🤘

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I'm using passport github strategy to authenticate. I'm able to login but getting a 500 internal error when I try to logout. Here is the output of the debug:

Here is the middle ware:

passport.use(new GitHubStrategy({
clientID: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET,
callbackURL: ""
function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, cb) {
userprofile = {
displayName: profile.displayName,
username: profile.username,
profileUrl: profile.profileUrl,
location: profile._json.location
User.findOrCreate(userprofile, function(err, user) {
return cb(err, user);

passport.serializeUser(function(user, cb) {
cb(null, user);

passport.deserializeUser(function(obj, cb) {
cb(null, obj);

Here are the relevant routes:

router.get('/login/github', passport.authenticate('github'),function (req,res) {
// body...


router.get('/login/github/return', passport.authenticate('github', { failureRedirect: '/' }),
function(req, res) {

I have a rust interpreter ( running on the Linux command line and I want to pass code snippets from frontend/localhost and return the output to the frontend.

How can I achieve this using nodejs/express framework. What are the tools required for this? Are there any node modules available for this.

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Eduonix Fullstack Javascript Developer Edegree

A complete JavaScript mastery program with more than 12 courses, 30 projects and 100 of source code snippets

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Hire talented #NodeJS _Developers for #remote_work. They can start work immediately within 72 hours. Hire immediately for your short term project needs. For more information, visit@
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