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Job Wish (What do you want to do when you grow up?):
Pokemon Team:
Gym Badges:

(Open RP, please join)
Pedal was walking along route 29, Tote by his side, when he happened to see a Pidgey different then the rest. Oddly, it was wearing a scarf and an anklet, but there was nobody around who seemed to be its trainer. So after a quick battle, Pedal caught the Pidgey, and continued on the route.

Name: Connor
Age: 12
Hometown: New Bark City
Job Wish (What do you want to do when you grow up?): Scientist
Pokemon Team: Male Cyndaquil
Gym Badges:

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(This is a character I actually have a full bio for, so now that I've heard that trainers start can only start off... I'll put a planned bio in)

Name: Pedal

Age: 14

Gender: male

Hometown: New Bark

Job Wish: undetermined

Team: Tote (Totodile)

Badges: none

Planned bio (for the full Pedal Character I've actually created): (These characters will be part of an animated series I will be making in the future. In it basically everything can speak English) Grown in New Bark Town, he was exited to have his Pokémon partner. Knowing Tote for years is what prompted him to pick Totodile. Soon after their journey began, Pedal caught a Pidgey who refused to say much, but eventually grew to trust them more; his name is Wex. He's part of an international assassination society, and the team was after that being followed by a mysterious Pidove. Once in Ilex, Tote strayed from the path, and found a crying Weedle with nobody to turn to. He had no parents, no friends. The only thing he knew for certain was his name, Spia. Tote eventually got Pedal to catch the poor orphan, so Tote could raise him as his son. After defeating Whitney (after many attempts) the team set out for eterna city. Ant there they met Suwoo the Sudowoodo, who joined the party. Much later, in Cyanwood, another trainer traded Pedal a Skorpi named Jake for the Shuckel Pedal just received. Later in after defeating Clair, the group heard screams in the nearby forest, and went to investigate. After a quick fight with the mysterious pidove, who had evolved into a tranquil by now, Wex and her fought out of the area, where it was revealed that the tranquil was Caller, Wex's love interest and his dear friend from the PSA. With Caller completing her mission of finding Wex, she joined the party for various reasons, if only to be with Wex. Although they have never won in the league, they always stay determined, and a team.
(These are pictures of the completed team, because I can't put pictures in later)
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The rules are now in the description.

Official Rule List
1. You must start with only a starter Pokemon. It can be from any region.
2. You start with only regular Poke Balls. You don't get better ones until you beat the first gym.
3. Legendaries can not be found until a mod posts that they are roaming.
4. Pokemon recover from fainting after battles, but their HP must be recovered with moves or items.
5. PLEASE update your profile when you catch a Pokemon or beat a gym!

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Name: Evan
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Connor enters Vaniville Town, excited to meet some new people.
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