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[Name] Tsubaki Shirahara
[Age] 17
[Race] Human
[Gender] Female 
[Love Interest] Males (But no one in mind)
[Personality] She's quiet and kind. Tsubaki loves making friends, but at the same time, she's to herself. She'll do anything for her family and to make them happy.
[Grade] Sophomore
[Special Trait] Drawing
[Club] Astronomy and Basketball
[BackStory] Tsubaki is girl who looks like a male to a degree. She's a reverse trap. She hides her identity for her sister. Tsubaki's older sister had always wanted a brother, not a sister, so Tsubaki grew up like a boy to make her happy and Tsubaki doesn't mind doing it either. She even goes to school in the male's school uniform. She is an A-cup, so it's easy for her to get by as a male. Absolutely no one knows (besides her family) that she's a girl. When physicals come up, she has special permission to be alone to get examined. Tsubaki's real voice is actually girly, so she talks low to hide that fact. In school, she makes good grades; not the highest in class, but good enough to pass.
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