I was wondering if there are missions that to complete you have to visit other countries. Are there missions like that ?

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Hi everyone after a little bit of advice please. I submitted a new mission banner in my local city.

2 came back as rejected. I can't see anything about them that break the rules. I created the image that I split. The rest passed.

I resubmitted them.
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We're trying to submit 6 missions to celebrate 100 years of Polish independence. The same missions in different cities in Poland, added by various agents. NIA rejected each time... I did the artwork for the mission myself.
In Czestochowa,Poland missions ends at the monument of victory, along the way there are portals associated with history, monuments, plaques. 36 portals are needed for the whole banner, I chose them to make a sensible route, and they were not random. Any idea what we can do more?

Desription: "In 2018, we celebrate Poland's 100th anniversary of regaining independence. To honor this important event of 11/11/1918, we have prepared an occasional mosaic. It can be done in selected cities."

Hey all,

+Irish MASMS pinged me to remind me I'm still (the only mod) around here. I apologize, but I've been out of all things Ingress related for a few years now. I've gone through and dropped a few ban hammers, cleaned out pretty much all of the spam, and reconfigured settings to hopefully keep things clean from hereon.

I've also reached out to the owner to see if he'll make others mods too (I don't have the ability). Thanks for keeping this going in our absence.

How long do missions usually take to get approved? It been more than 1 month since initial submission. I had 9 of 12 approved and the last 3 (random order) is still hanging.

Ok so I've always been a bit of a history buff and in my days of playing Ingress I've noticed multiple portals that make reference to the funeral train for Abraham Lincoln after his assassination in 1865.
Does anyone think there would be much interest in game if someone made a banner series following the path that the funeral train took? It's a 1645mi (2662km) path that meanders from Washington DC to Springfield IL.
I just think it would be super creative and historically educational to make one...

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Could it be possible to receive a mail if a mission is unavailable or a waypoint is unavailable ?
So the creator could edit the mission.


Hi to the community.

1st time mosaic mission creation for me, in fact 1st ever mission submission as well.
I've planned for a 60 part mosaic, everything is ready.

How best should I submit them? I heard there is a limit of 18 or something like that.
Thanks in advance.

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Here's a new banner in Worcester Park, Surrey. All hacks. Made it to celebrate May 4th.

IM | Blue Wars
IM | Blue Wars

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Dear Mission enthusiasts, check out the opportunity from 'my' #TeamOrbisLudens Thanks and greetings from Heather in Finland! დ https://plus.google.com/103567710929508281858/posts/B9TXp9Ga8Ga
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