Mobile geddon has arrived.

Google announced that a mobile #seo penalty is rolling out, and officially rolls out 4/21/15.

However I believe it already started rolling out on 3/23/15 hitting sites with large amounts of 404 errors first.

My advice.

You can help prevent getting hit by this penalty by cleaning up your 404 errors immediately.

Ive seen analytics for three sites from different industries that have lost between 20-80% of seo traffic this week. 

Partner Best Practices for SEO/PPC:

I am seeking best practices and policies for search marketing among partners -- distributors, consulting partners, OEMs, affiliates, etc. Obviously, we want to avoid having partners do PPC on the same search terms (since we would just be increasing bid costs). Any other ideas or experience on how best to manage programs when there are, say, a dozen partners more or less in the same business?

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Am pretty sure no one blinked an eye about the 90% because it's largely a rank change in personalized results, and ranking tools can't account for that. 
Interesting article on Hummingbird

From +Eric Enge I'm not sure that I agree with the conclusions he draws, but the article is well written and thoughtful and worth following to the end. What do you think Hummingbird actually is - definitely some room for discussion on the topic - I could be wrong and Eric could be right. Hopefully we can have a discussion about it. I left a few thoughts in the comments - let's hear yours.

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Semantic Web Optimization - is this the future of SEO?

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An example of a very healthy backlink profile...if you're a spammer

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Tactics to improve your technical SEO performance

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Slideshare of my tips & tricks session at Adobe Summit on Search Optimization & Content Marketing (for non-Search Marketers)

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How Hummingbird changes online competitor analysis

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Great live blog commentary on the current & future of SEO at Pubcon panel

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Thought i'd share my slideshare slides from SMX West 2014. Any questions, let me know.
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