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Princess Rapunzel (mom of Elsa and Anna) (Wife of Pitch)

King Pitch Black (dad of Elsa and Anna) (Husband of Rapunzel)

Princess Anna (Sister of Elsa) (Daughter of Rapunzel and Pitch)

Princess Elsa (Sister of Anna) (Daughter of Rapunzel and Pitch)
+Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle™ 




Queen Rosemary +Queen Rosemary of Agrielith (sister of Prince Grady, Princess Britt and Princess Elaine)

Prince Grady (22 years old) (brother of Queen Rosemary, Princess Britt and Princess Elaine)

Princess Britt (20 years old) (sister of Prince Grady, Queen Rosemary and Princess Elaine)

Princess Elaine taken (18 years old) sister of Prince Grady, Princess Britt and Queen Rosemary)

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I walk back and forth in my room What going to happen... keep it together... control it.. dont feel.. dont feel... dont feel... dont feel then you...
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Name: Rapunzel
Age : 18
General : Female
Likes : Oranges family friends smiles and Chocolate
Dislikes : Hans Bullies, Evil Person's
Appearance : Golden hair Blue eyes purple dress
Family : Elsa my daughter Anna my other Daughter Pitch My husband
Bio: The Jackunzel family story

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Name Princess Elsa

Age 8 Past 18 present 21 Future when I come Immoral

Friends Jack Frost.. I will add on

Powers and Abilities Control over ice, sleet, hail, cold, frost and snow (Cyrokinesis/Frigokinesis)
Cold manipulation
Cryokinetic constructs
Cryokinetic creature creation
Immunity to cold temperatures
Cryokinetic combat
Cryokinetic weapon creation

Likes My family, chocolate, having fun with her powers, bringing joy to Anna and my kingdom, having fun with Anna, acceptance, freedom, peace, cleanliness, geometry, studying, tea, open gates

Dislikes  fear, being treated as a monster, being hated, being mocked, not being with Anna, loneliness, my magic doing harm to others, conflicting moments with my sister, the idea of Anna marrying someone she hardly even knows, Corona in peril

Appearance Slender, pale skin, light freckles, rosy cheeks, pink lips, long platinum blonde hair, blue eyes

Personality Elegant, powerful, caring, reserved, warm, protective, kind, selfless, observant, intelligent, independent, playful, artistic, practical, down-to-earth

Bio We lived their life in the castle but I hurt Anna with my powers. So I shut Anna when Anna was 5 and I was 8. Then a few years past and they let me out of my room but cant tell Anna about my powers. And Rapunzel came Immoral! Me and Anna will come Immoral someday!
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Name Elaine

Age 18

Powers Fire, Flame

crush(s) Hmmm.. none at the moment! or I wont tell you! laughs a little

Family Rosemary (oldest sister), Grady (2nd oldestBrother), Britt (2nd youngest sister)

Likes Heat, Summer, Family, Friends, Singing, being silly

Dislikes Called a monster, Cold, Winter, Evil

Personality Sweet, Kind, Fun, Free-spirited, fearless, energetic, talkative, quirky, feisty, adventurous, naive, impulsive, fun-loving, clever, enthusiastic, loving, imaginative, selfless, innocent, impressionable

Hair- Red
Eye- Blue
Skin- Fair
Size- Slender
Dress- in pictures

Bio I am the youngest! I am not the shy one! Ok here my story of my life. I almost hurt one of my sister named Rosemary. She was going kill me if I hurt her. But I didn't. I love to be in the kingdom. I really want to to met someone to fall in love with someone thats perfect for me! I love my life! Oh and my name is Elaine!
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Name Rosemary

Age 24

Powers Ice and snow

Personality Shy, loud (not very often), sarcastic, brave, courageous, understanding

Likes Family, friends, not being normal (like most people)

Dislikes Enemies, being different (when I'm the only one somewhere with powers), being called a monster

Family Britt, Elaine, Grady

Appearance Really light (pale but as light) and fair skin, platinum blonde hair in a braid (sometimes down or a messy braid), always wears some shade of blue clothing

Bio When Elaine and I were kids, Elaine almost hurt me. Luckily she didn't because if she did i would have hurt her when  I found out. Now that I came to age and our parents are not around, well more like they aren't alive but it is my destiny as the oldest to be queen and put Arendelle to the best.
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Can I be pitch's wife?
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