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Just made a small picture of meh tom Gorge

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Name: Rika
Age: Young Warrior
Claws on Collar: 4 for Know
Collar Color: Purple
Eye color: Dark Green
Clan: Death Clan
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Female
Backstory: Half House cat half Wild Cat Rika is much taller than other cats
She was a loner but she soon joined DeathClan and is loyal to Freeze
All i have for know ill finish it up tomorrow
+Thomas fixed it

Guys who wants to do a role-play? It's been like a year since we have

Wow. My community died. LETS BOOST IT BACK UP

rp anyone +Paint The Calico

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Age:16 moons
color of collar green
Claws on collar 6 (one lodge in ear does that count)
Appearance all white with green eyes and double fur (super thick a pain to groom)
Backstory: was found in territory as a kit mother was from another clan father was unknown and brought claw to death clans territory was taken in by a queen when found had a dog claw lodge in ear
Mother :unknown from skullclan or death clans that's all they got because when claw was a kit she had both death clan and skull call scent on her
Father unknown from skullclan or death clans
Quote : "want to feel my claws +Paint The Calico+Tom Blue boi what do u think

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Mmmmmmmmm your welcome people >.>
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A Few SkullClan cats were close to DeathClan Lead but a former member ?..Blue she was a high ranking member of SkullClan and she had many teeth and scars she looked at the catsA " Alright you four go north to Bloodclan you four come with me" They nod and did as told

Spark the war
(Closed RP for)
+Tom Blue boi
+Scourgey Cat
+Paint The Calico

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Scratch paced in a dark alleyway. He couldn't stop thinking about the huge battle that's gonna happen between the three clans, SkullClan, DeathClan and BloodClan "What if I die..?" He whispers to himself. Suddenly, a new cat appeared. Scratch jumps in surprise, but then realises that he knows this cat. "Oh, hey[insert name]"
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