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This book follows the principle described in Gamma Stealth and summarized more concrete examples as "axioms"
Time and temperature were defined by vacuum generated by Gamma Stealth, magnetism and highly compatible vacuum for humanity
Although it is difficult, I attempted to explain various laws focusing on time and energy
We pursued deeper by giving case examples of Super-Symmetry and Absolute-Rationality

We are intensely editing, soon to be released

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Although it is a hypothesis, I tried to connect the basic vibration of outer space with string theory and gluon and consider the source vacuum without the electromagnetic nature filled with ether.

This 21st century ether is, of course, older than Big Bang theory, and it exists also beyond the Great attractor where galaxies gather.

Although it is not demonstrated now, glueball by Wikipedia will surely be discovered, because vacuum requires particles that can mediate entropy.

So what is the origin and lifespan of this glue ball, what I can say now is that it is one with vacuum.

And, its shape is two symmetrical Tear drop shapes facing each other around the contact like yarn, it becomes string like when stretched, and it is integrated with Quark and Anti Quark.
-Fatacy Tear drops

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4th edition cover decided

I was concerned about the past expectations of human civilization and the future.
Carbon life dealt with nitrogen and oxygen, deterministic hydrogen, and described the information in genes of micro size space.
While minimizing atomic friction, it secured a millisize liquid space and followed the entropy's law.
In order to form a silicon life form human beings need jungle for oxygen and silicon needs a metal element, so human factory is necessary.
After mounting a metal element of its own on the spacecraft, after a certain period of time reforming the CPU of the silicon semiconductor and correcting the destroyed part by cosmic rays.
It becomes a step of replacing the isotoped nuclei substantially with the stable atoms.
Although this mechanism enables trips of billions of years in principle, it is necessary to clearly describe its purpose.
I have no ability to state it, because this spaceship will not come back.


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Mars and the Sahara are very similar

The risk of forest fires increases unless steam is increased at the same time as supplying

oxygen to the atmosphere.

The keyword of atmospheric management is in relation to nitrogen which accounts for 78%.

Because we can store electricity, we call a storage battery, a mechanism that stores water vapor as a glacier.

Since sublimation of glaciers is unavoidable, it is necessary to snow more than decline due to


Current global weather can not avoid Mars on long term.

Human fossil fuel consumption cut off the loop that the jungle has circulated steam.

Regeneration of glaciers is a key technology that makes the earth environment and mankind alive.          ‐Vapor Fatacy

This book is the third publication of Gamma Stealth series.


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Fatacy in Wonderland

When I corrected the origin of my idea, "Wonder why the earth does not fall into the sun", It was quite strange.

Since gravity is a pulling force, I have thought many things that I should fall.
I believe that the earth is traveling on a rail of a roller coaster that we can not see now.

On the surface of the sun is a magnetic whirl called Alfvén wave caught, creating a hot space of 100 million degrees.

If there was no magnetic field on earth, it would have fallen down in the old days.

The geomagnetic dynamo theory maintains not only the rotation but also the distance of the revolution orbit, and does not drop the moon to the earth.

It is necessary to evolve the moon dynamic theory as well. -Wonder Fatacy

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"Animals are moving flowers", wrote in Gamma Stealth

Plants on the surface of the earth can not move by themselves.

Pollen tries to move as much as possible seeking colonies without worry of water supply.

Its efforts have been accumulated for hundreds of millions of years, and animals have monitored the surface environment as a plant sensor.

The evolution of human genes has been polished in this context, do not modify lighthearted.

It will not be too late to tackle the gene walks of plants over the next several hundred years, afterwards analysis of the genetic information of animals is good.

Also in it is written the secret of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapor, nitrogen, argon ratio control. -bio Fatacy

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I like silicon the most among the nuclei
It also has a covalent bonding property as a rubber while taking a metal as a semiconductor.

It is also the reason for adopting a regular octahedron for hidden placement in the nucleus.

In the figure of silicon in the Fermi surface, the regular octahedron structure is overlapped based on the alpha radiation structure whose base is a regular tetrahedron.

Stellar nuclear fusion begins with helium and ends with iron nuclei, with silicon located in the middle.

Uranium is a product of the galaxy collision and I like it as a returning factor to the elliptical galaxy.

The substance that connects the first dimension and the second dimension is silicon.

Beryllium plays an important role in the quantum world. - Silicon Fatacy

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I miss teacher Platon

For 30 years, no talk about 40 years, but there is a fact that teacher Platon did not tell me.

I still do not know the relationship between regular tetrahedron and regular octahedron.

Although it is a topic of gauge space, regular tetrahedrons are super, so we can associate point symmetry and axis symmetry with various phenomena of the universe.

I can only think of the arrangement of the outermost shell of electrons in the regular octahedron.

There will be problems with the way to try to understand statically, but helium, silicon and iron in the nucleus.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand that the regular icosahedron is a dimension one step before the hexagon composed of six triangles.

Perfect octahedron is too complete, I still do not have it with my mental strength. -Fatacy N orbital


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Two galaxies flow from the first dimension helium regular tetrahedron
The branch of Edwin Hubble's Classification Scheme is classified as a light, high speed rotating galaxy and our galaxy flow.

Since Zero → 2nd dimension → 4th dimension → 6th dimension can not generate iron atom on its own in nuclear fusion reaction, heavy atoms are mixed by galaxy collision.

In the Zero → 1st dimension → 3rd dimension → 5th dimension there will also be galaxies with heavier atoms than uranium.

In my opinion, the mainstream of the galaxy is 0246 type and I think it is an even dimension.

Why the odd dimension flow of type 0135 was born, the secret would be hidden in the white dwarf of the E7 type elliptical galaxy.                 --Fatacy galaxy

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Compactification is necessary

I do not want to make the outer universe infinite, so I need to make it compact.

It is also necessary to examine whether the outer universe is the mother magnetic vacuum space.

What is the condition that is not the mother magnetic vacuum space?

It is a challenge that I am not used to, so my feet are fluffy.

I also took it at Gamma Stealth, but it will be a story of a space one trillion light years away.

Once we have a break, I am against the idea that there is an imbalance like pressure in the circulation of quanta. -Fatacy

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