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Zend Framework 3 tutorials by Alexander Romanenko (Youtube Channel)

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$validator = new Zend\Validator\Uri();
$uri = 'dss';


Can anyone explain why this is returning TRUE?


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Definitely check out this episode - Chris shares so much gold!
Episode #17 is now LIVE!

In this episode I chat with Chris Cornutt, founder of,, and Lone Star PHP about conferences and all things security.

It’s a rousing chat about the state of security within the PHP and wider development community. He also gives me an inside look at what it’s like to run the long-running Lone Star PHP conference in Texas.

Grab your favourite beverage and your comfy chair, and get ready for a rousing fireside chat with Chris and I -

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Looking for several freelance developers for a series of projects on a Translation Management System (TMS). The platform is built in Zend Framework

Interested? Sign up for free and contact directly with the end client via the contact form:

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Check out the latest episode of Zend Framework Quick Bites, talking about FastRoute, the default routing package for Zend Expressive.
Episode #7 of the podcast IS LIVE!

In this episode, I’m giving a quick overview of Zend Expressive’s default routing package - FastRoute.

FastRoute truly is an excellent, high-performance, and lightweight routing package; one worthy of being the default routing choice in Zend Expressive's standalone installer.

Come get a brief introduction to it —

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PHP UK Conference 2016 - Rob Allen - Introducing Zend Framework 3
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