i eat no ass


Its your first WWE paperview you are celebrating your win over kane and you are packing up when there is a knock as your locker room door. You open the door to see alexa bliss standing there and she has a mad face and she says Hey hurry up no one else is here now and i want to go home and fucking sleep! "Sorry you say to her i gotta put a few things up." you get lost into her Pretty sparkling eyes and she says You gonna hurry? "Uh....Sorry i'll get to it Ugh alexa stammers out of all people to do this why me? you put some clothes up but you cant stop staring at alexa. Alright this is taking forever i am helping you now so i can get some fucking sleep. alexa bends over and you can see her nice thick ass and thats when you lose it and slap alexa on the ass She lets out a startled moan you think to yourself WHAT THE FUCK I AM SCREWED! Ugh its been a while since i got fucked. she jumps on you and rips your shirt off and her eyes go wide and she starts grinding against you *Damn, Never fucked a guy like this you grab her tits and play around with them some and she moans as you do so thats when you unstrap her Harley quinn outfit and start sucking her tits when you then picks her up since she is so light and slam her against the locker and suck on her neck. She moans loudly as you keep on doing it Then you stop and say "you know i always imagined fucking you from behind" she removes her bottom half and gets on all fours and you ram it into her and she moans so loud that even people outside could hear you keep On going back and fourth and alexa's eyes roll into the back of her head and she Comes her "Special juice" everywhere. Your boner gets bigger and you get more horny and you shove your cock all the way down alexas throat. She gags at first but then she gets the hang of it after a while she stops sucking and Looks at you with a smirk on her face Hey Bigboy how about you bust your load all over my tits? you felt it coming so you decide to go ahead and you bust your load all onto alexa she moans Louder then before as you bust a load onto Her face. You see her hotter then ever so you pick her up and you both got into the 69 position alexa lets out loud moans while sucking your cock when she starts having an orgasm and buts another load everywhere. And she says God you may be a new guy and all but i wouldnt mind at all teaming with you if that meant things like this could happen all the time she winks at you and you say "Gosh its nearly time for this place to open" you both kiss For a few minutes when alexa gets dressed and says Same time tuesday? and she winks at you and leaves


Been to hell i can show you devil

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one hundred percent nigga
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two hundred percent nigga


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