Anti zarexium has 2 members
Me and +Felixland Mapping Channel​ ↩↩ idiot
I will troll him for +Zarexian Mapper+Zarexian Mapper

Wow anti bunz banned me so no trolling them anymore:-(

Wow anti bunz has 36 members
I gonna troll em

I changed my name

Wow Felix is still bugging me to be his friend
Since heBetray me never will be his friend

Wow fake Felix is banned from Google +..
Cuz he swear to much
We should of maked him nicer

+Bunz mapping who is inactive+Felixland Order Mapper​ made a anti group that is(anti bunz) report them
And its against you cuz its about hating you luckily I am not in this

And Felix wanted to join but he i banned him
+Felixland Order Mapper

+Bunz mapping who is inactive​​ why do you hate me now?
Its OK cuz I follow u

You remember polish and Felix
Well they are reuniting with me:-)
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