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Sketching a NS.  Have a great weekend.

Hola folks :)

Just a random question -- apologies if it's in the wrong place, but is there anywhere at all that does lessons/provides advice on sewing machine repair?

Keep up the great work, Sveta :)

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I just got about a hundred pairs of fantastic boot lasts with date stamps from the mid-1930's. Do any of you need a pair? I plan to practice on these, and 3D scan them for my custom-fitting R&D projects. I also want to post the 3D scan files on to help keep this cool piece of history from getting lost, and give those of you who are experimenting with 3D printing lasts  more sizes and styles to work with.

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How To Customize #shoes  NEW #CaseStudy will be Tomorrow on the Site. It turn out to be a long process :)

What a nerve!
 Someone was selling my ebook on He purchased it a year ago on my site and decided that it is a good idea to sell it. Plus, he took the videos out and just left the PDF files. 
I contacted the site yesterday and they removed it in less than 25 minutes. 
I want to send him a sweet email, saying what an ass.... he is. 

Good day , I wanted to know if gold points are marked on the pattern (after the taping of the last ) are the same for all models, ie regardless tupo model we create. I'm from Argentina. 

I've been asked to help a small, made-in-the-USA denim company develop a line of boots. I will be starting with an ankle-height lace-up design. Can anyone recommend pattern grading software? Or should I do this one last at a time??

Happy New Year my dear shoemakers and shoe lovers! I wish you all happiness and success in your life and your craft! 

Sorry, but there is no way to learn pattern making in one day! Too many models, too many details. 

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What are the Criteria to find good footwear design school ? 
Today in my post: 
11 Criteria For Choosing Best School to Learn Footwear Design
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