~returns after a long time and looks up at my tree covered in vines AMD dust and sits at the trunk sulking~ (open rp)

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Name: Zuno Stripewire
Age: 19
Powers: Evaporation/materialization, 
Bio: Just another cat in another tree. (I'll edit a bit later)

The march Hare sits by himself at the tea party for the lost. He sits there,waiting for someone. He drinks loaded tea and cracks jokes to himself......Waiting for something to do

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(I saw no-one had made a Bandersnatch yet. So here he is!)

[Name] Kolred "Bandersnatch" Lonson
[AKA] The Red Cannibal, Feline of the Deck
[Age] 27
[Powers] He can shift into his "Bandersnatch" Form
[Weapon] Warhammer
[Bio] Kolred. A warrior for the queens army. He may seem normal, like the others. But he is not. He is the Bandersnatch, a giant big cat.The red cannibal, some call him. That comes from the fact that he eats the dead enimies. That is his Bandersnatch side. He is bloodthirsty, violent, mad, brutal. And worst of all: Smart. A tactician. A warrior. All in one.
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For those of you who occasionally glance at this community.

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Name: Rityian
Age: since the beginning of wonderland
Powers: the ability to summon forest beings and quicken noticeably and control the growth of forests and jungles.
Weapons: his bodyguards do most of the fighting but he can grow vines and claws of wood from his arms and can cover himself in tree armour very quickly.
Bio: a young magician that learnt to survive in a forest he now has the ability to control everything forest based and can be extremely deadly wen he gets angry. He uses his powers only when their needed.
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you were walking around the woods when the leaves start to fall and you hear whispering all around u, and then u see me the daughter of the forest and I say what r u doing here?

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Name: Yuki wood

Age: 16

Gender: female

Powers: to talk to animals, control plants, and to control the elements..

Species: forest witch/wizard or sorceress....

Bio: her mom was the ruler of the forest... Her mom had put a seed in the ground and she came out of the ground... She was always friends with the animals, and she always loved nature, and then, the evil queen came, her mom tried to fight but had died trying, so she swore vengeance!

Tamwyn roared, tearing up trees in her wake. She was furious. By now she could no longer remember why she was so mad, she only knew she was. Animals fled at her sight although some were unlucky and were brutally slaughtered. Trees caught in black fire, blood spattering the forest floor

((Open, please ask))

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sitting on the forest floor singing when i hear footsteps (open)
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