Just a heads up that Devoted Publishing and Solace Games will be @ Gryphcon on Saturday and Sunday only. Be sure to stop by and check out the inquisitor costume I'll be wearing!

Didn't get much done tonight as I was putting up all the third-party books on my Facebook site's shop. So go check them out and support the little guy!


Bouncing between works by Clement of Rome and Irenaeus. Both 1st Century theologians. Can't promise these are the next works to come out but I'm working on them :)

Done book 1 of "Against Heresies" like 4 or 5 more books (parts) to go until I can format it and put it up for sale!

working again on an Irenaeus book. Hopefully will make a dent in it tonight!

Almost got another book from Augustine done. Be sure to check out my version of City of God on our Facebook shop.

Saint Augustine's Anti-Pelagian Works now up on our Facebook shop:


Welcome to Devoted Publishing's new G+ page be sure to check out our regular updates!

My edition of The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Job now up on my Facebook store! Printed and Shipped via Lulu.com.


680 pages later and Saint Augustine's Anti-Pelagian Works is finally entering it's layout stage. The pages and editing is done just making it look all pretty for you now. No word on final price yet.
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