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Thanks for the invite!

Good day Atenites!!! Wambigpayt!

Who were some of the "memorable" teachers you had in Ateneo Grade School?

What were your sections in AGS?

Welcome to the biggest Ateneo community in Google+! Connect with Ateneans from all over the world! Please introduce yourselves in the comments below. Kindly indicate your AGS / AHS / AdMU batch or course in the comments below. Thanks!

Guys, 26 members pa lang tayo! Ang hina naman nating mga Atenista. Kulang pa sa isang classroom yan ah. Can I ask each one to click on the the Actions button below the profile pic, and click Share Community to share on your profiles? Please comment "Done" in the Comments below when done. Thanks in advance! 

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AGS90's Mervin Ignacio encourages creatives to just keep creating. Go Mervin! You do us proud!

adoboLIVE McCann's Mervin Ignacio encourages fellow ad men and women to get creative

+Richard Ramos - What batch are you in Ateneo again? AGS 88 and AHS 92? Tama ba? Welcome!

Welcome +Face Maquiling ! Kindly invite your classmates and batch mates here! Thanks!
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