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Special from O.M.I...totes love it...
The best designer spec EVVA....

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I love the way Emma Maembong styles her shawl...Her outfit colours strike really well Black n Pink will make her the centre of attention cos the colour strikes perfectly in the day...N also don't forget pink lace wedges to match her perfectly hot pink outfit...looks like the perfect outfit for going on a date with ur girlfriends...

I like the way she styles her is so fashionable and it makes her look so mature..with a ribbon on her head makes Chacha a Barbie...the white cardigan and the green leaves dress is so perfect together...she has our fashion icon...matured but cute

Yaya is a bit more casual than Chacha n Emma cos she's married n already hv a child so she won't hv much time to beautify herself as she is busy with her family...but her appearance makes her looks younger...her hat is very classy but yet looks casual n cute..her dark outfit looks even more interesting with the red scarf...she's so stylish...

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This is a great community for those who loves fashion...
boys and girls are invited!!!
It's a place where u get to express ur fashion taste...
Fun challenges awaiting for u..
There'll be a Q&A session...
Q&A with me or some fashion mentors←I'll be inviting some of the fashion mentors just for this community...
I just love Fabulous
OMF (oh me fabulous)

Hearts from me♡♥♡

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My gosh!! She is so perfect...#lofatheme for today is pastel & beige...such a great colour-duets.. with her heart-melting brown eyes, her gold butterfly outfit, pastel beige n beige make-over theme...#fashionicon
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