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With every product you buy on MithilanchalGroup, you get some reward points. That's approximately 10% of the price and you can use those points in shopping again on MithilanchalGroup. So start shopping if you haven't started yet.
मिथिलांचलग्रूप पर हरेक समान के खरीदारी पर रिवॉर्ड पॉइंट भेटइ छइ करीब 10% जकर उपयोग अहाँ दुबारा खरीदारी में का सकइ छी | यदि एखन तक नै केने छी त शुरू करू |

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When some one's knowledge and expertise is not appreciated at their own place, we use this Maithili Proverb. Buy this T-Shirt with Maithili Quotes at only 125.

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Very harsh but true fact being told as proverb in Mithila for so many years. We got it printed for you on T-Shirt. Buy Now to get it in only 125 rupees.
मैथिलि में बाजल जाई वाला कटु सत्य, अहाँ सभ के लेल टीशर्ट पर प्रिंट करेलौं | खरीदू मात्र १२५ में

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Do you know writing "Mithikashar" or "Tirhuta Script"? I bet you don't. Come and Learn with me in 10 days only. Spend only 30 minutes a day and you will learn Mithilakshar in 10 days. What about learning with wearing "Mithilakshar T-Shirt"? It will cost You only 95. Have a look
किनको तिरहुता आवै या ? यदि नै ता हमरा संगे सीखू मात्र 10 दिन में | संगे मिथिलाक्षर वला टीशर्ट होए त और बढियां | येह देखू

An artist is the one who transform his/her thoughts in masterpiece and this can be reflected from the masterpiece designed by Mukti Jha in respect of the Laureates. You can order this masterpiece to get it painted on T-shirts. Order Now.
कलाकार अप्पन विचार के कला के रुप मे व्यक्त करैत छैथ । मुक्ति झा साहित्यकार के प्रति सम्मान के एहि पेन्टिंग के माध्यम स व्यक्त कयलथि । टी शर्ट पर एहेन पेन्टिंग के लेल order करी

Shashi Tharoor had said "Hindi is NOT our national language. It is India's most widely-spoken language and useful to know. But it cannot and should not be imposed on anyone."
We have a similar T-Shirt in rupees 95 supporting our Mother language
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