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"It's a trap" vader

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I like ...thank for invitation :)

Praise to the words of the decent......May they exist......

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Name: Danielson Gunn
Age: 61
Hair Color: Gray and White
Eye Color: Light Blue
Light Side Abilities: telekinesis Jedi mind trick and light side healing
Weapon: One Blue Lightsaber
Bio: I was 1 years old I was abandoned my parents I did I'm master found me and saw that I was force sensitive. They brought me to the Jedi Temple and I became a Jedi and eventually a Jedi master I was a part of a community until only a few days my community was attacked by new Sith Group. And now I'm left trying to save the Jedi Order.


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Name:Adonis Straights
Age: unkown/depends, but he looks in his early 20s
Position: worked with the FBI as a crime solver after he was arrested while being unconscious from being beaten up heavily in skyros/Greece by supposedly one of his targets appointed to him by the mafia cult he was highered by, after the alines attacked earth he despaired without a trace
Bio: in the year 2987 Adonis was an orphan who grew in Greece, he was always bullied for being a simplestic kid, one time he was bullied by his crush and a groul of other bullies calling him a hedious girl as he was a boy with long soft hair, Adonis was so mad that he had a heart attack and falled on the ground from pain while others wrre just laughing, Adonis was acctually born with a mutation that was caused by abnormal radiation from ww3 unlocking the human's hidden force, some people had the force but in advanced level due to their ancestors being able to unlock it without raditions making those people called hybrids. Adonis's spiritual energy was filled with envy and hatred so this energy exploded when his heart stopped killing all the kids surrounding him, he then was revived by his powers and escaped the crime scene, Adonis some how joined the mafia as he was able to control his powers by the help of other force users, he wears a fully covered armor so that he dosen't cause sever damage as his powers have a high magnitude of force, he took the name hedious as a reminder of what his crush told him before she was burned into oblivion
Powers: - his spiritual force called nen that is mastred by nenpo
-his special energy called the shadow of the hellish flames (he's not the only one who posses it), it can combust nearly any material that isn't processed from a certain non reactive metal alloy called R.nen. his flames power are that of a heat 3 times the heat of ths surface of the sun
Wepons: various amounts of guns and swords, he's nof a good driver though
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Pray that political optimisation brings total perfection....some do......

I wonder at spheres within Jedi......Approaches are all important...............Do ka or Dragon or Shotokan.........

Name: Darth Khakis                                                                                                       Gender: Male 
Type of Lightsaber: Rainbow Range And Light Staff                                       Lightsaber Style: Jedi                                                                                                             Lightsaber Color: Rainbow Range                                                                                   Rank: Sith and Emperial Druid and Arts Mage                                                               Look: Various Robes and Armor                                                                                       Goal: Emperial Order                                                                                             Personality: Believes in Order and Decency                                                                       Song: Scentless Apprentice by Nirvana

+Kyle messenger of pain/Darth Umbra Ive not made a Profile Before......Ive only been around the Net for a few weeks.......Interesting community......Interesting Times.......
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