shouldnt we be taking down fandoms rn?? xD

is this community set to"only members can see posts?"
if not, it should be.

how to get our attention:


1. Find an account or profile that has caught your interest

2. Link it to us here and say why it caught your attention

3. We will all have to approve of it and after thus make the raid happen

4. Try to ban this profile


be sure to follow the schedule

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if you think this is a dead meme, get the fuck out of my face

The schedule for how everything will play out is down below

There are some variations on how we will do things and here they are:


1. We will only take down accounts who feature pornographic content, so, rp accounts that are of pornographic nature, fandom accounts that are of pornographic nature and such.

2. Obviously consult US before deciding to take down any account, do NOT harass anyone who doesn't deserve to be harrased.

3. I am aware that some of us have sinned and have featured pornographic content on our accounts sometimes, but, brothers, when it comes to porn, we mean real fucking porn where you can fucking see the fucking.

4. Spread this community as much as possible, the more members we have the better this year's Skeleton Raid will be.

READ ME~ done

I hope we can all enjoy this time of year in the best possible way, remember that we are doing this for the better of g+, youtube heroes amiright? if you ever feel guilty, YOU ARENT WORTHY OF THE SKELETON LEAGUE

That is all for now, have a good one!

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Formula to make plans succeed:

it begins
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