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Why w-mAs is the new opportunity?
Today, the various functions of the mobile phone as tools for information communication are always around us. Even now, the works of artists are being introduced through mobile social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Kakao. World Mobile ART Show 2017 is a new art event that reflects the current situation.

The artists worldwide can now have a variety of opportunities by introducing their artworks to curators and collectors via mobile devices. This offers another opportunity for them to approach potential artwork purchasers.
Unlike the personal home page of the artist which has a limited exposure, the galleries of the artists participating in Mobile ART Show are interconnected to each other to increase the number of exposures to the people all over the world.

All artists worldwide can participate. They can exhibit 10-20 pieces of works in the mobile gallery of each participating artist. The exhibition will last for one year throughout 2017. The artists can simultaneously exhibit the works already exhibited at the offline or planning to exhibit on online.
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