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Adobe Advances E-Signatures for Dropbox Users

Since inventing PDF over 25 years ago, Adobe has delivered continuous innovation for digital documents, reinventing how people get work done, and making all of our lives a bit easier and more streamlined. Dropbox shares a similar vision, and since 2015 we have worked together to simplify PDF workflows by enabling consumers, small-to-medium sized businesses, and the enterprise to apply the power of Adobe Acrobat DC to the billions of PDFs stored in Dropbox. Working together, we’ve enabled joint customers to open a PDF from the Dropbox website, iPhone or iPad app, and edit it with Acrobat DC on desktop or Acrobat Reader on mobile. With Acrobat DC, you can edit text, organize pages, convert PDFs to their original format and more. And all changes made to the document are automatically saved right back to Dropbox.
Today Adobe and Dropbox are announcing the next major milestone in our partnership to help joint customers get more done with documents, from wherever they choose to work. As part of Dropbox’s introduction of Dropbox Extensions, Adobe is excited to deliver one of the first integrations out the gate, Send for Signature with Adobe Sign. Using Adobe Sign, the leading e-signature solution powering over half the Fortune 100, Dropbox users can quickly and easily send Word and PDF documents for signature, directly from within Dropbox.

Here’s how Send for Signature with Adobe Sign will work:
Select a Word or PDF file in your Dropbox folder that you want to get signed.
Click on the “Open With” button and select Adobe Sign under the “Send for Signature” category.
Type in the signer/recipient’s email address. You can also customize a number of settings including password protection and reminders.
Add more signature fields that indicate where you need a signature or initial with a single click. This is powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s machine learning and artificial intelligence platform, that automatically detects where the fields are needed and inserts them for you.
Recipients can sign documents from any device.
Senders can track real-time notifications that let them know where the document is in the signature process like whether the document was opened and signed. All signed documents are automatically added to the sender’s Dropbox folder.
Adobe Sign makes it easier than ever to incorporate e-signatures into the way individuals and companies of all sizes do business. And now hundreds of millions of Dropbox users get access to the power and simplicity of Adobe Sign.
While this is a key milestone in Adobe’s work with Dropbox, it’s just the beginning. We’ll continue to offer joint customers the flexibility to work the way they want with documents at home, in the office, or on-the-go. Stay tuned for more, starting with a future Dropbox Extension that will enable the world’s best PDF editing with Adobe Acrobat DC.

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Adobe Named A Leader in Forrester Wave on Web Content Management Systems

Today Forrester Research, an independent analyst firm, named Adobe a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management Systems, Q4 2018. Adobe Experience Manager was one of 15 solutions evaluated across 26 criteria, grouped into three main categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. We are honored to be positioned as a Leader with the highest scores in the current offering and market presence categories.
We believe being named a leader reflects the success that our partners and customers have achieved using Experience Manager to delight their users and drive business results. It validates, in our opinion, our efforts to provide a secure and scalable Digital Experience Platform that makes iteasier to deliver the best experiences, everywhere:
Reusable content and experiences for greater agility across channels
Omni-channel experiences are more important than ever. Today consumers spend more time online than they do sleeping; spending their time across a myriad of digital channels. Therefore, brands must deliver exceptional experiences on web and mobile but also emerging channels like voice, IoT, virtual reality and in-store digital experiences.
We’ve strived to make it easier for companies to deliver consistent, engaging experiences no matter where the consumer chooses to interact. Content and Experience Fragments provide re-usable, content blocks that can be used by any front-end framework across any end-point, ensuring a consistent experience through the customer journey. Capabilities like Content Services allow applications and devices to access content in Experience Manager for headless applications – web, mobile app, single page applications (SPAs), email, IoT devices etc. With Content Services developers can use RESTful APIs to access Experience Manager content programmatically while benefiting from the robust enterprise governance that Experience Manager ensures. Experience Manager also makes it easy to edit and preview SPAs using the SPA Editor. These products give developers freedom to create innovative experiences in their own favorite development environment, while allowing brands to leverage their content investments and foster collaboration with business users.
These capabilities are helping brands deliver content anywhere their audience or customers are. For example, Chris Taylor, CIO of Telegraph Media Group attests, “With Adobe Experience Manager, journalists can upload content and immediately publish it to the web, or adapt it for print, mobile apps, and social media feeds.”
Content intelligence to deliver the best experiences at scale
Consumers today buy experiences and they expect those experiences to be relevant and personal or they will disengage. Eighty percent of consumers would be more likely to do business with a company that offered personalized experiences. The explosion of content, formats, and channels make it challenging for brands to offer the personalized experiences consumers now expect. Brands simply can’t scale manually to deliver these experiences across all content and touchpoints, but rather have to rely on automation through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver scalable, contextually relevant experiences across every channel.
Adobe Sensei, helps brands scale to deliver the best experiences for each customer using AI and ML technology. Smart Layout in Experience Manager can suggest a personalized layout for each audience segment that can best meet chosen business KPIs. Previously, marketing teams didn’t have the resources to personalize at such a granular level. By using analytics combined with personalization algorithms, marketers can now scale to deliver the best digital experience for each audience segment and drive business results.
This combination of embracing creativity rooted in data and enhanced customer experience helps companies break down barriers to connect in a personalized way. “With Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target, we can use our experience, imagination, and initiative to reach audiences in new ways with tailored, targeted content,” says Sean Browne, Senior Director of Web Marketing of Informatica.
Enhanced agility for marketers and IT in the cloud
We continue to invest heavily in capabilities and resources to make it easier and faster for customers to manage and develop on Experience Manager and compete in the experience economy. Our customers find it takes fifty-six percent less time to launch new pages which results in seventy-eight percent more content being delivered by web teams. Cloud Manager, our self-service portal for our Experience Manager cloud offering make it easy to manage continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for deploying and testing Experience Manager customization.
Brands – mid-size, departmental, or enterprises – are realizing business value with even greater efficiency. With features like core components, Style System, Live Copy and Multi Site Manager brands can quickly create their first experience or seamlessly scale across the complexities multi-regions, multi-brand requirements. With Adobe Experience Manager, we are honored to be helping many of the most innovative brands, efficiently deliver differentiated experiences.

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Creativity Wins the Day. And the Future.
Learn from the best and brightest creatives and gain insights from this year’s MAX.

Adobe MAX 2018 focused on one central theme: “The Future Belongs to Those Who Can Create.” In his opening address, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen reminded us all of Adobe’s goal to “nurture the creativity that lives inside all of us.” When businesses foster employee creativity, they build better customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty.
To see how you can keep creative energy flowing through your business, we’re featuring some of the best highlights from MAX 2018 right here. View some of the favorite sessions about creativity and business presented during the conference, and learn about the new Adobe Creative Cloud features and capabilities to make your creative processes smoother and smarter.
Increase your tools — up your creativity
If the future is driven by creativity, then creatives need better tools to meet evolving demands.

Adobe Stock breathes new life into stock art
Intelligent search capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei make it easier than ever for your teams to find the right assets faster — and differentiate your brand. Inspiring collections now incorporate assets from partners, like GoPro, for stunning visuals. Plus, video creators have more options with Adobe Stock motion graphic templates and video loops. As Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s CEO and founder put it, “GoPro and Adobe have a lot in common — we both serve some of the most passionate content creators on earth.” Check it out.
Major updates to Adobe XD make it your end-to-end user experience tool
Adobe XD is the first and only UX/UI platform to connect screen and voice prototyping in one app. Now, XD does everything your designers want it to. New features include voice triggers and speech playback; Auto-Animate, which allows designers to animate prototypes to mirror the end-user experience; and a number of third-party plug-ins. And by utilizing AI and our new collaboration with Accenture Interactive Operations, we can scale personalized digital experiences in whole new ways. Learn more.
Welcome Premiere Rush to Creative Cloud
This all-in-one solution combines capture, editing, simplified color, audio, motion graphics, and publishing. And by auto syncing all your projects to the cloud, it’s easier than ever to take your business’s content marketing, social media, and communications to the next level. Creating and sharing video has never been so easy. Get to know Premiere Rush.
View MAX sessions. See maximum results
View on-demand recordings of MAX 2018 sessions that highlight the top trends, topics, and conversations for creatives and designers in business today.

Designing a new future for your brand
There are always multiple parallel futures vying for social dominance, emerging from corporate visions, science fiction, political parties, countercultures, and more. In all cases, they use design to compete and to thrive. Listen to Leland Maschmeyer, chief creative officer of Chobani, and Brian Collins, CEO/chief creative officer of COLLINS, to find out how they have created a new brand and design operating system based on their work with some of the world’s leading brands. Watch now.
Evolution of Work: How to Put Design at the Forefront of Company Culture
Creating a design-led culture is more than just sprinkling a few more designers across the company. It means democratizing creativity and design in a way that company leadership — and even non-design organizations — embrace and put it at the forefront of overall strategy. Hear from leaders from IBM, Dropbox, and Google describe the profound cultural improvements they’ve observed by prioritizing design. Watch now.
The Future of Experience Design: Beyond the Screen
Today’s designers are challenged like never before to create experiences that are not only accessible and aspirational, but also meet future challenges and opportunities. In this inspirational session, Albert Shum, CVP of design at Microsoft, talked about the experience design industry revolution we are immersed in today, and shares practical advice on creating engagement, building diversity, and the role of AI. Watch now.
Designing Voice User Experiences: A Look at Headspace
Just as mobile design has emerged as one of the most important skills for designers, voice interaction design is becoming the next frontier for design talent. Hear from RAIN, an agency that helps brands build meaningful experiences through voice integrations, and Headspace, a meditation company, discuss why voice design is essential for the user experience. Watch now.
Nordstrom: Connect Creative and Marketing Teams for Better Results
Adobe recently conducted a study that found that the fastest growing S&P 500 businesses were more likely to achieve higher performance and deliver more engaging experiences if they built connections between their creative and marketing technologies. Join Steve Gustavson, Adobe executive creative director, and David Schripsema, Nordstrom design and marketing manager, to find out how Nordstrom has seen great success with connected systems, driving smoother, more efficient collaboration — from content creation to delivery. Watch now.
The future is in creative hands
Creativity and innovation work together to lead the way to a better future. We will continue to build the right tools to help you maximize your creative power and deliver experiences that delight us all. Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise, or follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed about the latest news, product updates, and upcoming events.
Hungry for more? Check out these links
Learn what your team needs in order to meet the never-ending demand for personalized customer experiences. Read now.

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Chaotic Atmosphere Pays Great Attention to Detail in His Work

Chaotic Atmosphere — a Geneva-based freelance illustrator and CG artist, boasts a visualization of a stunning digital butterfly species. A part of the creative's 'Biotop from Polygonia' series, the project exhibits a great attention to detail with colorful origami-like compositions of insects.

The computer-generated digital butterfly species was designed with the use of Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Chaotic Atmosphere used the former platform to create a basis for the striking designs, while the Adobe software was utilized in the postproduction process.

The skilled artist's set of incredibly luscious insects adds up to a 100 different insects, with an additional 100 visualization of each at night time. The beautiful work is available for purchase exclusively on Neonmob's website — a marketplace for digital art trading cards.

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Abode Cue Lets Users String Together Custom Smart Home Commands

Known as Abode Cue, this new platform lets users create, edit, and manage multiple commands for the various smart products that may be in their homes. These various commands dictate how certain smart platforms react and respond to each other in certain conditions, and are fully controllable and customizable by the user.

The entire Abode Cue system currently functions off a two-component system: a trigger and an action. To put it simply, when an event occurs (trigger), the connected things must perform the action. Both of these components can be broken down as conditions and this is what drives the innovation behind the Abode Cue.

The system even allows users to string together commands that feature multiple triggers and multiple actions. The various triggers that allow for chaining include 'Staus Triggers', 'Location Triggers', and 'Schedule Triggers'.

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Illustrator and InDesign Font Packs
30 days of free Adobe font packs.

As a Creative Cloud member, you have access to 14,000+ fonts. From elegant scripts for formal occasions, to playful handwriting fonts for personality, to practical web fonts for screen design, it’s all part of the extensive font library.
We want to help you find the right font for your project, so over the next 30 days, we’ll be releasing a new collection of fonts from prominent font foundries to help you with your current and upcoming projects.
Here’s a preview of the font packs we’re launching everyday in October. Be sure to check back each day for updates.

"Build a Brand" Font Pack
October 15 – Make Headlines, Build a Brand
October 16 – Wayfinding Font Pack
October 17 – Jolly Holiday Pack
October 18 – The Resistance Pack
October 19 – The Way Back Pack
October 20 – Fonts Across America
October 21 – Hungry Diner Menu Pack
October 22 – It’s all in the Ai
October 23 – Presentation Pack
October 24 – Fonts for Creative People
October 25 – Colorful Web Banners
October 26 – Design Foundations
October 27 – Movie Poster Font Pack
October 28 – Fonts by Women
October 29 – Band Poster
October 30 – Cocktail Pack
October 31 – Halloween Fonts
Stay tuned to see what font packs we’re releasing in November!

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Fall in Love with Free Templates in InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

With the upcoming release of InDesign CC and Illustrator CC this October, we’re excited to share a collection of free templates as well. Check out these new Illustrator and InDesign templates from Adobe Stock and be the first to try out these featured designs with your updated applications.
InDesign Templates

Delightful Business Cards Set by
A set of delicately-patterned business card layouts for your personal or business branding.
Download here.

Modern Digital Magazine Layout by Tom Sarraipo.
A bold digital magazine layout with standout typographical elements for a striking, contemporary look.
Download here.

Neon Presentation Layout by Themzy.
A bright and fun presentation layout for adding a pop of color to your projects.
Download here.
Illustrator Templates

Instagram-Compatible Stories Set by Providence Studio.
A set of bright and bold social media layouts for showing off your digital stories.
Download here.

Violet Studio Posters and Stationery Set by Amber Graphics.
A vibrant set of pop-art poster and stationery layouts for branding your events and projects.
Download here.

Circular Water Texture Overlays Set by Collective Offset.
A set of assorted water textures for adding aquatic effects to your creative work.
Download here.
But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to check out the full collection of new Indesign and Illustrator Templates on Adobe Stock.

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Adobe Outlines Growth Strategy at Adobe MAX

-Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today will host a financial analyst meeting with investors and financial analysts at its Adobe MAX Creativity Conference.
At today’s meeting in Los Angeles, Adobe’s executive team will discuss the company’s expanded growth opportunities and strategies across each of its major businesses. As part of its presentation, Adobe will outline numerous growth drivers and show research data that the company’s total addressable market has expanded from approximately $83 billion in 2020 to approximately $108 billion by 2021.
Adobe is reaffirming its current Q4 fiscal year 2018 revenue and earnings per share targets. The company is also providing preliminary growth targets for fiscal year 2019. These targets do not reflect Adobe’s planned acquisition of Marketo, which the company expects to close during Q4 fiscal year 2018.
“Our strategy of empowering people to create and transforming how businesses compete is leading to larger addressable market opportunities and the potential for accelerated revenue and earnings growth,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, Adobe. “Our 2019 growth targets reflect our continued momentum and market leadership.”
Adobe Provides Preliminary FY2019 Growth Targets
At today’s financial analyst meeting, Adobe is providing preliminary growth targets for its fiscal year 2019, which are summarized in the table below.

Total Adobe revenue1

Approximately 20 percent year-over-year growth
Digital Media segment revenue

Approximately 20 percent year-over-year growth
Digital Experience segment revenue

Approximately 20 percent year-over-year growth
Digital Media annualized recurring revenue (“ARR”)

Approximately $1.4 billion of net new ARR
Digital Experience subscription bookings2

Approximately 25 percent year-over-year growth

Revenue targets were set based on Sept. 2018 foreign exchange (“FX”) rates, which for current planning purposes are assumed to be constant during fiscal year 2019

Includes annualized subscription value of SaaS, managed service and term offerings under contract for Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Magento Commerce Cloud

Adobe expects to report Q4 fiscal year 2018 financial results and provide fiscal year 2019 revenue and earnings per share targets on Dec. 13, 2018. These results and targets are expected to include the impact of the acquisition of Marketo.
Adobe Reaffirms Q4 Revenue and Earnings Targets
As part of its meeting today, Adobe is affirming it is on track to achieve Q4 fiscal year 2018 revenue of $2.42 billion. The Company also stated it is on track to achieve its Q4 earnings per share targets of $1.42 on a GAAP-basis, and $1.87 on a non-GAAP basis, as well as meet other financial metrics it targeted for the quarter. These targets do not reflect the impact of Adobe’s pending acquisition of Marketo.
A reconciliation between GAAP and non-GAAP earnings per share targets is provided later in this press release.
Adobe to Webcast Financial Analyst Meeting
Adobe will webcast its meeting with financial analysts and investors in attendance at Adobe MAX beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern Time today. People can access the webcast and slides from this event from the Adobe Investor Relations webpage at The live video webcast will last approximately three hours and will be archived on Adobe's website for approximately 45 days. There will be no phone dial-in capability.
Forward-Looking Statements Disclosure
This press release contains forward-looking statements, including those related to business momentum and strategy, market expansion, the closing of the Marketo acquisition, revenue, earnings, annualized recurring revenue, bookings, operating cash flow, non-operating other expense, GAAP and non-GAAP tax rate, GAAP and non-GAAP earnings per share and share count, all of which involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Factors that might cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to: failure to develop, acquire, market and offer products and services that meet customer requirements, failure to compete effectively, introduction of new technology, complex sales cycles, risks related to the timing of revenue recognition from our subscription offerings, fluctuations in subscription renewal rates, risks associated with cyber-attacks, potential interruptions or delays in hosted services provided by us or third parties, information security and privacy, failure to realize the anticipated benefits of past or future acquisitions, changes in accounting principles and tax regulations, uncertainty in the financial markets and economic conditions in the countries where we operate, and other various risks associated with being a multinational corporation.
For a discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties, please refer to Adobe’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for our fiscal year 2017 ended Dec. 1, 2017, and Adobe's Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q issued in fiscal year 2018.
Adobe assumes no obligation to, and does not currently intend to, update these forward-looking statements.

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Adobe's Premier Rush CC Offers Cloud-Based Video Editing

Serving as the first all-in-one crowd-device video editing app, Adobe's Premiere Rush CC hopes to make creating and sharing online content easier than ever. Integrated as both a desktop and mobile app, Premiere Rush CC automatically syncs all projects and edits to the cloud, letting users work on their projects anywhere and on any device. The new service will also include simplified editing tools, customizable Motion Graphics templates, Adobe Sensei-powered Auto-Ducking and much more.

Part of the significant appeal of Premiere Rush CC lies in its optimization for social media-based platforms. With shared presets and one-click publishing, the service ensures all content is perfectly optimized for social media. Some of the platforms the service currently optimizes for include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Behance.

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Adobe Previews Project Aero
Augmented reality and the incredible future of storytelling.

Augmented reality (AR) is poised to change everything from the way we express ourselves to how we experience the world around us. Freed from the boundaries of the screen, AR literally transforms the entire world to a digital stage.
Whether you are a creative professional looking to take your artistic expression from beyond the screen, or a major enterprise looking to completely reimagine how customers interact with your brand and product experiences, we believe AR has the potential to be a true game changer.
However, while the creative community has been hearing about the potential of new immersive platforms, it’s been out of their reach. Each of these platforms require fundamentally different skillsets, with entirely new developer tools, programming languages and runtimes. For AR to truly go mainstream – there’s a need to solve both sides of the equation – authoring and delivery – within a consistent immersive design platform. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

What’s New with Project Aero
Today at MAX, I am excited to share more details about our vision and strategy for Project Aero, an integrated platform for AR, and also announce the official roll-out of the private beta. Our goal with Aero is to establish a new discipline for immersive design – blending the digital and physical worlds to empower creatives to easily craft high-quality AR experiences. This is just the first step in this journey and represents the start of our broader commitment to the new medium of AR experiences:
First, we’re going to bring all the Adobe creative tools you know and love today – such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Dimension CC – into this new era by making them AR ready. Aero allows creators to build animation and fluid responsiveness into AR designs without having to learn how to code.
Second, we’re building new immersive design tools for the desktop and mobile devices, enabling creators to author experiences with simple drag and drop design metaphors for the physical world.
Third, we’ll have a set of intelligent, cloud-based AR services to take content from all of our creative tools and publish it to the real world with the push of a single button. Powered with Adobe Sensei intelligence, Aero is designed to deeply understand the physical world, with concepts such as lighting, textures, motion and spatial awareness. Aero understands the best way to light your scene so it blends seamlessly in the real world or how best to optimize the AR experience for the device you are using so loading content happens in seconds.
Lastly, we recognize an integrated approach of tools, cloud services and a broader ecosystem is critical to unlock the potential of AR. That’s why we’ve been working with a range of platform, technology and design leaders to ensure that we have a tight feedback loop from the community in shaping this. As we announced in June at WWDC, we are partnering with Apple and Pixar to standardize the file formats and interaction models to deliver a seamless AR experience.
We’re Just Getting Started
From retail to entertainment to hospitality to travel and beyond, AR has the potential to transform and completely reimagine customer experiences. Adobe has always been a company that has embraced new storytelling mediums. Whether it’s print, PC, web or mobile shifts, we’ve always looked around the corner and built creative platforms for the future. We believe we’re now at a similar inflection point with AR as the next breakthrough medium.
This is an aspirational journey that we’re embarking on, and Project Aero is the first milestone in our mission to democratize the creation of immersive experiences. With the roll-out of today’s private beta build, we are excited to partner with the creative community on this transformative medium to make this vision a reality, where digital experiences take us beyond the screen and blend into the fabric of everyday life.
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