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How it all started.

Finally worked out how to use seismic charges, on my way back with 45 tons of Grandidrinite (or whatever) and 18 tons of void opals. 4 consecutive interdictions by the same pirate in an Anaconda with no chance to recover shields in between, and no chance to get neasr the station (and no police assistance despite the security of the system) and I'm at a rebuy screen with 2 wasted hours and no cargo...

So I heard they made exploration great again :) Is that true?

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Space Termites ....

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Let me introduce you to Mr. Etienne Dorn, Master Engineer of Kraken's Retreat in the Los system near Colonia.

Before you wonder, this is his happy face. And it's also the reason why I am getting bad vibes just thinking about giving him the occupied 25 escape pods he is asking for!

We shouldn't prejudge people just because of their looks. Maybe he is a savior kind of guy!

But, to get to my question: Any hints how to best find lots of occupied escape pods? I once scanned one in a system near Colonia, but previously found most in random signal sources in anarchy system, and most only after getting missions to specifically look for them.

How did you do it, any hints for finding them?

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I found a notable phenomenon! Biological and Geological! Wow! ;)

It seems these phenomena are mostly crystals or poo-shaped rocks.

As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, I have not bound my "Codex" to a key.
But pardon me, I can't find it in my key bindings. Perhaps someone can tell me which section to check for this particular binding?

EDIT: Found it 40 seconds after asking! ;)
under "Headlook"
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I ranked up at this Engineer, Mel Brandon, by letting him modify one of my shield boosters till I was rank 5.

It seems he and his colleagues Marsha Hicks, Etienne Dorn and Petra Olmanova are waiting for Colonia to expand to add something to their portofolio. G4 is their max, and mostly they are in the G1 range for module upgrades.

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Some highlights from the jaunt from WP1 to WP2 of the Distant Worlds expedition.

I'm in it for the sightseeing and to contribute to the CGs when I can. All of the points of interest so far have really been worth visiting. A few of them I've seen before, but Thor's Eye was a real highlight.
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Still not feeling the love for the new mining...
Spent 45 minutes in a pristine icy ring, in a void opal hotspot and only found one asteroid that was bright yellow with an Opal Core.

Wouldn't it be better if we could program the pulse scanner/ If I'm in a void opal hotspot, then I'm looking for void opals, not high concentrations of water and hydrogen peroxide...

Also multiple abrasion cannons don't seem to produce multiple chunks any more. I have 4 fitted and was only getting 1 chunk per volley rather than one per cannon.

It's slowly pissing me off. I must be doing something wrong, but I can't seem to find anything with fissures and a core. Most things are a sort of dull orange rather than bright yellow, is that an Oculus thing or am I just in the wrong hotspot?

Then when I got really bored and popped into supercruise to drop back into the instance I was instantly interdicted by an NPC demanding 2 of the 5 tons of void opals it had taken me 45 minutes to get...
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