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Do you know a teen who would love to explore the enigmatic site of Machu Picchu, experience the exotic flavors of Peru or explore the traditions of an ancient people? Do you know a teen interested in sacred plants, connecting with the sacred Apus (mountains) and live in harmony with Pachamama (mother earth)? Do you know a teen who would like to explore archaeology first hand, question everything and explore a mystic tradition still a part of everyday life in the Andes?

Do you know a teen who seeks community and adventure? Please share with them this.

We invite you to join us this July for one of the most incredible learning communities on the planet: Project World School - Cusco & the Sacred Valley Teen Retreat.

Get your application in NOW- Space is extremely limited. -

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My son and I are producing 2  learning communities / retreats for homeschooling and unschooling teens this April / May. Travel to Ecuador and learn through full immersion, participation and service about the coast's  precious ecosystem,  marine biology & conservation:

Ecuador – Surfing & Marine Biology Learning Communities:
12 Days- $1499 All inclusive

25 Days -  $3200 All inclusive

Get your applications in today, spaces are filling up!!

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A chance to win an Unschooling/Peaceful Parenting coaching session with Dayna Martin at Secular Home School

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Emotional Health and the Power of Choice, or Why Kids Should be Able to Avoid Things
I've mentioned previously in passing that I think one of the benefits of unschooling is in the space it gives people to learn to handle things at their own pace. But I don't think I've ever said more on the subject than that. So here's me saying more. I thi...

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New on the blog: "Looking to one’s peers for direction is an inauthentic way to live. And it is one that I think many who consider themselves to be unschoolers want their children to avoid. Instead, they hope to raise self-directed, free thinkers. But peer pressure is a huge part of modern living, and it is easy to get caught up in it. So, as parents, we should be vigilant about our own self-directedness...when we are confident in our own thinking and decisions, and can control our own behavior mindfully rather than relying on what others think, we will set a good example for our children."

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Classic Unschooling moment
Kidlet, after whiling away the afternoon reading about how sodium reacts with water, and watching a few YouTube videos, commented that it would be a good prank to put a couple of grains of sodium in the sugar bowl so it blows up when someone puts sugar in their coffee.
I said, "see that's why you need to go to university", and kidlet replied:
"Yeah, so I don't try that at home?"

Yes. Don't try this at home.

#Unschooling #science
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