Does anyone have any fun summer-time scavanger hunts that young kids can do to help them learn about.... well, anything. Nature, math, anything. y kids love the outdoors and I am hoping to help our walks be more fun and more educational. Thank you!

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Do you know a teen who would love to explore the enigmatic site of Machu Picchu, experience the exotic flavors of Peru or explore the traditions of an ancient people? Do you know a teen interested in sacred plants, connecting with the sacred Apus (mountains) and live in harmony with Pachamama (mother earth)? Do you know a teen who would like to explore archaeology first hand, question everything and explore a mystic tradition still a part of everyday life in the Andes?

Do you know a teen who seeks community and adventure? Please share with them this.

We invite you to join us this July for one of the most incredible learning communities on the planet: Project World School - Cusco & the Sacred Valley Teen Retreat.

Get your application in NOW- Space is extremely limited. -

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My son and I are producing 2  learning communities / retreats for homeschooling and unschooling teens this April / May. Travel to Ecuador and learn through full immersion, participation and service about the coast's  precious ecosystem,  marine biology & conservation:

Ecuador – Surfing & Marine Biology Learning Communities:
12 Days- $1499 All inclusive

25 Days -  $3200 All inclusive

Get your applications in today, spaces are filling up!!

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Dyslexia myself and I have no problems with reading and spelling it also effects writing skills and the proccesing of info can be a struggle.............this was mainly based on just reading and I won't to tell people its not all reading problems

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A chance to win an Unschooling/Peaceful Parenting coaching session with Dayna Martin at Secular Home School

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Does school have to happen in a building? Or even in a home? Can there be school without textbooks, walls, and formally trained teachers?  Does education have to planned for you or can you plan it for yourself? What if the curriculum you followed was written just for you, influenced by your curiosities and interests?  What if you could "hack" your own education? Would you?

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Last year Raven used the KidCoder Game Programming course. Now +Homeschool Programming, Inc.  has KidCoder Website Programming! Learning HTML and CSS while creating a website from scratch is right up here sleeve. And she is learning tricks that she can immediately apply to her blog.

#homeschool   #programming   #website  

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Homeschooling friends: will you join us for a Homeschool Christmas Card Exchange?? Sign up and find out more details here -->>

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Hello all, I have a few questions I'm hoping ya'll can help me with.

Right now my daughter is going to a public virtual school, but ISTEP starts next semester and  No.  So we're going to be making the fully homeschooled/unschooling jump probably in December.  I'm looking up the legalities and technicalities and whatnot.  Thankfully I live in a state (Indiana) that has very lax laws concerning homeschooling, but I'm reading that they still want you to log attendance and keep a transcript.  How does that work with unschooling?  Proving they're doing grade appropriate things.  I'm probably overthinking it, but I tend to worry about things.  Any suggestions/help/answers are very much appreciated <3
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