We got another 9 downloads in December, still without any advertising. A few of those generated actual money. :)

I've been hoping to get some supplemental PDFs out for people, but December has been crazy for me personally. What's coming?

Race For the Crown, a reworking of Inept Sorcerers' premise for younger players and cooperative game-play.

Grand Adventure, taking the spell cards concept and turning it into a general-purpose light-hearted RPG.

One or more superhero projects, depending on what kind of artistic support I can drum up (unlikely, but..)

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My alternating-Sundays group normally plays Fate, but this time we were short a player and at a new location besides. So we tried something else. The choices were Primetime Adventures, Fiasco, and Inept Sorcerers. Inept Sorcerers won out. :)

I introduced the players to the basic concepts, and walked them through character creation. We said three true things about magic, three true things about the world, and a true thing about each character. We ended up with two members of royalty (a princess of the Sunken Empire and a prince of a tottering castle) and the Syndicate assassin who was ready to kill them when the money ran out, invalidating the contract. They lived in a world where the sea level was rising, where the empire was in decline, and where a whimsical, mad magic demanded costs of all who used it.

From there, we had an attack on the base of the castle (using explosives) from one of the princess' many sisters, which was temporarily thwarted by creeping vines, transposition magic, and the summoning of a kraken. The final step, however - raising rock from the ground to fix the wobbly structure - impaled the kraken, and the castle fell into the sea.

The prince, however, had been scrying on a treasure nearby, and the party went to retrieve it. From there, things just got weirder. They got the treasure (gold and jewels), but managed to transmute it into bees. They set out for the heart of the empire, along the way facing more of the princess' mad sisters, giant attack swans, poisonous vampiric pangolins, a dragon whose breath weapon was philosophy, and people transmuted into bottled fairies or Fabergé eggs.

The scenario was episodic, but hilarious, and the players brought their "A" game at all times. It was also educational to run, and I got to feel out some of the weaknesses of the current model (which Grand Adventure will hopefully fix), where creative fatigue can set in if the burden of coming up with twists isn't distributed evenly. Everyone got at least two new spell cards (Eggs, Treasure, Vampire, Pangolin, Murder, and Bees), and there was a lot of tension (and cheering, or panic) as the Power drawing dice rolls happened. At least two times, people burst out cheering as a "1" was rolled - not something you see in many fantasy games these days - and I was gratified that this part of the rules was ably doing its job.

All in all, I had fun, and the group seemed to as well. Hopefully the players will find the game interesting enough to run or play with their other groups as well.

Inept Sorcerers got all of 20 downloads in November. That's pretty good for my advertising budget of zero. :)

Hope everybody's holiday season goes well, and go out and game!

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Inept Sorcerers is now available on DriveThruRPG as a pay-what-you-want PDF.

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We didn't get anyone for Race for the Crown, but I did learn a couple of interesting things about how to successfully run Inept Sorcerers! I'll be including some better GM guidance in a new version of the PDF.

Thank you to everyone who came to GeekGirlCon and had fun.

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There's a new release of Inept Sorcerers! This version has all-new cover art by +Gray Pawn, editing from +Tim Bannock, and some extra notes on customization and spell card creation. This is the version that will appear at GeekGirlCon this weekend, and all that's missing is the Peppermile logo before it goes to DriveThruRPG.

As usual, you can download both the PDF and the original Scribus file from the website, and the game and cover graphic are CC-BY licensed.

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I'll be at GeekGirlCon this coming weekend, running Inept Sorcerers and a variant of it, called Race For the Crown.

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