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Name: Ennard
Age: The oldest Thing in existence, as all of the cult believe.
Gender: Male
Height: 8'6
Species: Shadow creature
Likes: His Cult, His Followers, 'The Game', Collecting dead animals, Being Worshipped, Prisoners being 'played' with
Dislikes: Non-Believers, Idiots, being betrayed
Personality: Sadistic, Clever, Creepy, Powerful, Abusive
Bio: Ennard gathered a small amount of followers. he used his powers to give them animal body parts. he made it customary for all member to have animal body parts sewn onto them. He often watches new prisoners, or soon to be members, while they sleep. he leaves hints, then a note. the note makes the reader want to go to the location. Ennard will be waiting there, waiting to take them to the cult. His chest orb, party hat lines, and eyes glow. While his body is a pitch black color. He has a massive cult following and worshipping him now.
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If you were to ask me what my purpose is, I wouldn't even be able to tell you.
Name: Shadow Puppet
Age: ???
Gender: Genderless, uses male pronouns
Height: Unknown, but he's pretty god damned tall.
Species: Inner Demon
Likes: His adopted siblings, darkness
Dislikes: Vincent (the purple guy)
Personality: Mysterious and scary on the outside, a big softie on the inside.
Bio: As a child, the Marionette was brutally murdered by the Purple Guy while trying to get into a Fazbear restaurant. The door was locked, and he couldn't get in. He threw a tantrum while Freddy rushed to give cake to the children indoors. As Freddy continued to do his job, the Purple Man pulled up in a Purple car, and killed the child. He now inhabits the body of an animatronic, a Marionette with tear stained cheeks. When Jeremy begins to work at the restaurant, the Marionette thinks that Jeremy is Vincent, because of the insanity they developed over time. Shortly after Jeremy is moved to the day shift, the Marionette thinks he has succeeded in making the guard leave the building, as he doesn't see him during the day. The darker side of his brain, however, was not satisfied. It split off from his mortal body, and took the form of a shadowy puppet. The Shadow Puppet. He hungers for revenge, and haunts the world, trying to find Jeremy, and he will stop at no cost to kill him. Shadow Puppet later learns that Vincent was the person he was truly after for all this time, and begins his search for him. He cares deeply for the children in the animatronics, treating them like younger siblings.
Other crap: He's got pointed teeth, like a certain animal

1st picture: Shrouded Shadow Puppet
2nd picture: Enraged Shrouded shadow puppet
3rd picture: Just a thing I made. Shadow Puppet's rage.
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Tag Number: 0001
Name: Ballora
Cage Number: 0001
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2
Likes: Dancing, Sleeping, Relaxing
Dislikes: Ennard, The Cult, being in a cage, 'The Game'
Personality: Graceful, Elegant, swift
Bio: Ballora is one of Ennard's favorite prisoners. he wants to keep her pure. she dances gracefully and Ennard often forces her to dance so he can watch

Ennard was forcing Ballora to dance for him, he was happy

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Tag Number: DaTa CoRrUpTeD
Name: Ascended Bonnie
Cage Number: None
Age: Unknown
Gender: Both Genders
Height: 7'8
Likes: Revenge,Death,tricks, Darkness
Dislikes: Ennard, The Cult, failure
Personality: Silent,Mysterious, Dark,Mischevous
Bio: He opposes Ennard and the entire cult, he has done countless things to counteract the cult.
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Tag Number: 0666

Name: Nidhoggr

Cage Number: 0666

Age: 16

Gender: male

Height: 6'6 (mostly leg)

Likes: not much anymore...

Dislikes: a lot...

Personality: reclusive, quiet, timid

Bio: he's one of the new shipments.

Eeyyy I know this game
Watched THAT DUDE play it while I was washing the dishes earlier

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