What are the PC requirements for a decent FPS? I have an older PC and it's pretty slow on there.

oi sou br jogo no android vc poderia consertar o bug al entrar

I just wanna ask if there are gonna be Mods for your Warframe like the original one. E.g. More Health, Sesmic Wave at Hard Landing, etc. Could be a element in the game lol

So just started playing, and I gotta say, I like the spriting. Good work on that. Cons that I've noticed so far are controls, deaths, and level design. So let's get to it:
1.The controls aren't really defined, I have no clue what does what. Only by trail and error did I find out that swiping actually does stuff. Also, it would be a little helpful to have a transparent d-pad of some sort to know where to tap to actually move. There's been a couple times where my thumb has strayed off of the touch area to move.
2. Player Deaths
As consequence to my thumb moving off of the touch area and me not knowing the controls much, I've died a couple times. It's expected regardless of knowing controls or not. But there were times were the game just completely froze on me and I had to close out completely. About 60% of my deaths cause freezing. Idk if it's just my phone or not but thats what it does.
3. Level Design
The environment and setting is great. Perfectly fits in to the actual game, and I'm hoping to see more environment variations later on. What I have a problem with are the player platforms. I never know if I'm going to hit an imaginary ceiling or not when I'm jumping, and I always feel like I have no room for the jump on the platforms because the walls overlap the middle of the platforms. So, it's hard to tell when I'm hitting a ceiling or if I'm going to land on a platform.
So there we go. As I play more, I'll be sure to be active in checking things out, and trying to put more input, because I can really see this getting somewhere and I really hope that it does.
P.S. I would suggest adding a sort of mini tutorial on the controls. Just to get new guys in

Played through and beat the first level, has been pretty fun and a reasonable challenge.
Things that could be improved
-On screen controls are ill defined, and hard to understand (just learned that some swiping actually does something)
-No game pad support, I wanted to try this on my Nvidia shield found out I could not play it.
- Game crashes when I clear the level
- A short tutorial, or controls guide card, something that explains how to use actions and move.

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The game is great but it has enough bugs I hope they solve it soon
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Hi! Although I sent some of this directly to the developer, I think I just wanna share this to the community here.

The game is really good for a beta game.

1.) Try and implement some simple Warframe mechanics. For example, sword slashing in mid-air makes Frost versatile as heck, and also crouching.

In my opinion, prioritize this before the game setting and platforms, because they will adjust to the character.

2.) Some camera issues. I find myself being shot to death by two pumpkin haters when I enter a concealed area before I could even do my shield, mainly because I didn't see them beforehand.

3.) Hitboxes. It's awkward to think you just killed a soon-to-revive pumpkin hater when the laser is JUST above their cut off heads, aye? Maybe add a little "game" where you need the sword to slice off the head.

4.) Do your best on the Title Screen. It the key of a player's first impression.

That's everything I could say for this update. I'm rooting for this game!

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Can you fix this? Game is pretty cool, but add a joystick!
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