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here is a book im working on comment what you think!

It was a grey, cloudy day, in October, a good day for hot chocolate, and sitting inside wrapped up in a blanket watching scary movies, and staying inside. I have always loved the cold. But on that particular day I was on my way to a friend’s house, and it was raining. It wasn’t the thick wet rain, or thin rain that goes right through you, it was the light rain that will barely touch you and then bounce off, like a soft light kiss on your cheek, I watched the streams of rain water glide down the street as I walked, it was silent, which was unusual for this area because my friend lived near a park it seemed that there was always sound omitting from the park, but no, not today, there wasn’t even the creaking of swings swaying in the wind, the dead silence was unnerving, but I thought nothing of it, I anticipated it because the people in this area seemed to fear the cold. I reached my friend’s house, the shade on the outside seemed to be a calming grey, there was a peeling white wooden swing on the front porch, the door was a deep sea green almost blue shade, my friend was waiting for me, I could tell because as soon as my knuckles touched the door it abruptly swung open.
She quickly told me to get inside because like everyone else in this town, she was afraid of the cold, I had always just figured that they were afraid of the cold because they thought if they stayed out to long they would freeze to death. My friend, Melaina, had long red hair, green eyes, freckles, a nice grey sweater, blue jeans, and as always a green ribbon around her neck. Melaina and I had been friends for as long as I could remember I don’t know why, I guess we just sort of… clicked.
Her house always smelled like new books and coffee, it is always a comforting smell. She has no pets, I find that odd because of how much she loves animals, but I guess it’s because her cat was ran over a year ago, she never really was the same after that … she handed me a cup of tea and I decided to ask her why she wanted me over here tonight. And this is what she said “I did not want to be alone Elvira! Do you not know what day it is?!? It is an unlucky day, the cold, the number the month! For crying out loud I would not be surprised if someone was murdered on this night!” Melaina was a very superstitious person and because she is scared of the cold that adds another level of fear. It’s cold, its October 3rd. Not good for a superstitious girl. So I agreed to spend the night because of what else she told me “I fear the monster that whispers at night”
“what does it tell you Melaina?”
in the night the house creaked louder than an elephant standing on a cat’s tail. I did not understand how she could possibly hear anyone whispering. She awoke screaming louder than a banshee and so high pitched it sounded almost as if someone was running their nails on a chalk board.

sorry...i died... again

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