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Hello this is my first time making a book in this community, so I hope you like it, This is only my first chapter :)

Luna and The Tails of creatures

I was only eleven when it happened...

I was sitting alone in my room drawing a picture for my mom, for mother's day, then suddenly my window bursts open and the thunder outside grew louder. I close my window and turn around, when suddenly I see a women standing in front of me.

"Oh hello, are you one of my mom's friends, if you're looking for the bathroom it's down the hall on your right."

"No I'm not a friend of your mother's and I'm not looking for the bathroom, I was looking for you."

I look up at the women with fear, not understanding what she meant, she was wearing black pants, a black long sleeved shirt, and she had a silver cape. She had long dirty blond wavy hair and silver eyes.

"Umm, why do you want from me, I...I don't have any money."

"Not looking for money."she said as she smirked.

Suddenly she pushed me to the ground, leaned over me and bit me on the neck.


Then she ran and jumped out my window.

I placed my hand on my neck and felt it bleed, and I could also feel the two marks.

That was the day that changed my life, that was a day I would never forget.

Now I'm seventeen years old and I live with my grandmother, my mother was murdered the night I was bit by the strange girl, and my father mysteriously vanished a few weeks after my mother's funeral.

I already know what I am and what I can do, but sometimes I forget that I am a vampire, so it's a little hard to keep it a secret.

My name's Luna Sway Carbindur, I have red wavy hair, it's kinda long, I'm very outgoing, I love to hang with friends, and I have redish eyes. I usually have to wear green contacts, so my friends don't notice.

"Luna! Your gonna be late, hurry up, I packed your lunch, and Jay is waiting for you outside."

"Ok Nami! Be right there."

Oh by the way I forgot to mention, I have a older sister named Namilie, but I call her Nami, and Jay is my best friend ever since third grade, he and I always shared each other's food.

I walk down the hallway and down the stairs, and I see Nami making bacon and eggs for breakfast.

"Good morning sis, how'd you sleep."

I yawned and then answered her question.

"I slept ok, I guess."

I usually have to lie, because Vampire's don't sleep unless the after match cursed them to.

(The After Match is the king of Vampire's, he usually doesn't bother us, but if we accidentally revealed ourselves to someone, he would call a meeting and have them executed.)

"Better hurry up, Jay has been waiting for you for a while, you lazy lump."


(I didn't really sleep I was out with some vampire friends, and we were hunting, and I almost didn't notice it was morning.)

"Don't say sorry to me, say sorry to him, now get going."she said as she handed me a lunch sack.

(Well this is my life, FOR NOW, I never eat the lunch Nami gives me, I just give it to Jay, and hunt during my free time.)

Next chapter comes out soon, don't know when, but it's never longer than 2 and a half weeks, enjoy, and if you can, I would like some ideas, and ideas for some new characters

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Hi i just joined this community and this is my favorite story that I've written. I hope you like it.

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I got a story I've been making about all of my ideas including my cover page are original share what you think of it and give advice and I know my grammar is not the best but hope you enjoy it ^_^

Haven't used this place in a while. Does anyone have any ideas for a Rick and Morty Fanfiction..?

Name: May

Gender: Female

Species: cat/ human

Age: 14

Eyes: Silver (rare)

Appearance: Dirty Blonde hair, White Ears, White Tail

Personality: Shy, Ambitious, hates being called "Cute"

Family: Sister: Maple

Friends: Don't know yet

Relationships: None

Wears: Furry grey jacket, pink shirt, jeans, and grey sneakers

(Has secret Healing powers, I only can heal others, I can't heal myself)

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Hey guys, this is a draft for the story I am writing on Wattpad. What do you think?


It was dark. The only source of light was the steadily diminishing fire in the center of the heavily curtained Victorian room. There was a knock on the ebony door. The sound almost seemed to echo down the eerily silent hallways. A single tendril of flame crackled up, tantalizingly close to the exhibits placed near the owner of the house.
A silhouette of a man, with sharp features and a commanding look, spoke in his ragged deep voice. "Come in." He cradled a top-hat in his arms, stroking it as if it were alive. His thoughts had been interrupted. The news had better be good.
A girl walked in. She wore a cloak around her loose clothing, her face hidden in the shadows. Her golden eyes studied the room unblinkingly. She then looked directly at the man in front of her. He was shorter than she had expected. And not even mildly intimidating. She cleared her throat for attention, then placed a small radio on the table, head dipped down. Whether it was to display respect or to conceal derision, one cannot be sure.
The surprisingly stout man slowly turned his attention towards the girl. Try as he may, he did not look like the head honcho of the biggest criminal society in the country. Unaware of this fact, he gave the girl a stone-cold stare.
"Speak, urchin."
The girl almost took a step back, surprised at the depth in his voice. She constrained herself from spitting back a retort at this inflated baboon. No, that would be suicide. The corridors were heavily guarded by burly men and concealed traps. She recalled the lines she had rehearsed for this moment since morning.
"Bad news, sir. They are on your trail." She leaned forward and tuned the radio.
The man suddenly stood up, his features slowly morphing into that of a boy. His white hair and mischievous smile seemed vaguely familiar to the girl. The room suddenly dissolved into a pitch black void, but the boy's words still echoed in her head.
Like it or not Layla, I'm there for you till the end. That's what best friends are for, aren't they?
Layla's eyes snapped open, wide with fear and gasping for breath like a fish out of water. She groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose to suppress the building headache.
"Josh?" No reply. "Josh are you awake?"
Her twin groaned from the opposite end of the room, pressing his head onto the pillow. He never understood his sister. It was almost like she enjoyed waking him up late in the night. Or was it early in the morning?
He heard an indignant huff from Layla, and she didn't speak. Josh smiled thinking that she would leave him alone now.
"JOSH!" Layla threw a water bottle square in his face. "Ow! What was that for?"
The girl clenched her jaw, irritated by his childish behavior. She had a sibling to talk to but he just wouldn't listen. All her friends had to resort to counselors for help. Josh proceeded to fling the bottle back to her, but he had always been a terrible shot. Layla tried not to lose her temper with her idiot of a twin.
"You know what, forget I said anything." she said calmly, putting on her jacket and shoes. A little bit of fresh air would always cheer her up. She was just about to reach the door when she decided to wear her gloves. It was winter after all.
"Easier said than done!" Josh muttered. He pulled his quilt up to shut out the noise his sister was making. God knows what she was searching for. All he knew was that he wasn't feeling sleepy anymore. He groaned in defeat, shoving his quilt back down. He sat up and reached for his Spider-Man slippers.
"You know, next time if you-" he was interrupted by the sound of the door slamming shut behind Layla. He glanced in her direction warily. If she wanted to go out early in the morning in winter, then something was definitely up. But then, this is Layla he was talking about, something is always up with Layla. He called out her name, hoping that she was
Just throwing a tantrum and was simply waiting for him to apologize. But there was no reply. He called out to her again.
He sighs. "Fine, fine. I'm coming. At least let me brush my teeth."
"If she says she's worried about the new school, I will give her an express ticket to Hell." He muttered to himself.
But on the inside, he felt really concerned for his sister. If she wanted to express, she usually would. This was probably the first time that she was hiding her feelings from him.
He was a brother after all, he was supposed to watch out for his baby sister, wasn't he?
Baby sister? He thought. Who am I kidding?

This is the link to my story. Please note that it is still being edited.

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I just joined this group. So I guess I'll post the first chapter of my book. Let me know what you think.
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A dead body was found today in a middle school in Northport Alabama.The victim is proven to be the janitor of the school Aaron.His last name seemed to have disappered without a trace.No one remembered his last name and his family disappered and his house has burned down.
Trying to see who killed him we checked the school cameras and what we found were shocking.The murderer is Preston last name unknown.Preston is who started the fire of 11/7/2014 who has last seen at a gas station.There was also a child behind him.When i first saw the child a chill went down my back.The child was Leo E. Paskel one of many people to die in the fire started by Preston.
What creeped me out the most is that Leo was theorized to have killed another child Kia lerow.Kia along with Preston and Aaron was seen with circuit like lines under his eyes,neck,and arms.As the two walked along the hall i looked at other cameras and i saw kias body.Kia wasnt a phantom like body like Leo.He was alive.
At this point I was scared for my life.Aaron,Kia, and Prestton were died becouse of this one child.When the two kids found Aaron he asked who they were and why they were there.The place went completely quiet until static took over the screen.This went on for minute,but when it went away I saw Aarons body laying there and Leos face slowly took over the screen exept the one.I stared at it until it displayed the words


came you guys & gals judge this unfinished creepypasta 1-10 plz


Its been ten days after the fire that made the Alabama mental hospital to collapse. Because of this I continue to be unemployed. though I only worked at the place for 7 days but I made so many friends. The first person I met became my best friend. Well he's actually the first patient I met.
His name has Leo but everyone called him circuit because of his talent for making robots programing
and other amazing things. He never complained he was never the one to complain.
As I was saying earlier Leo was a patient. His mom sent him there a year before I worked there. He clamed to see dark figures and lines on the walls. He described them like wires and circuits coming from seemingly coming from nowhere. People became more worried when he said that there were voices now saying "fire".
I was the most worried, but I never would have guessed what would happen next. The person in Leos neighboring room died the next day. The strange thing is that under his eyes there were black lines. The same marks were on his neck. The doctor came in the same day to confirm he was hit on the head several times.
When I looked at marks on the body a second time it clicked. They weren't just random marks. They were circuits..

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