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Hello guys, whats up? are you still hanging around on g+ playing some games? 
I just want to tell you i started playing KA IOS version 3 weeks or so, and im pleased with the game but it's nothing like good old G+ KA by Funzio :) This is my my way of seeing GREE game.
The game is not bad,it didn't stand to the ruts of G+ KA but hack it's been long time since then. It has bad and good parts, but mostly bad in my way of looking. Like: 1.Too much difrent units that you can't even remember name or look(but they look good once you see them).2. Every unit dmg is counted in milions, also the score/attack/def :O what? 3.Units are so expensive,mostly you don't need to buy them,cuz you get better units from quest. 4.Buildings for making units are pretty useless,i don't even know how to make unit that building should offers me..because there's none unit to need to upgrade. 5.Match making is based mostly on lvl and allies but not strenght as much.It's so hard to find opponent near your strenght. 6.No wipeing out army like before,just few if you are strong enough. They don't show you what unit you killed and how many. For me that sucks hard :/ 7.Real money for units/w/a. 8.Upgrade time is horrible. 9. In news you only see name of attacker and "moments ago" not when, like date/hrs and how much times. The good stuff: 1. Lot's of quest which helps you to get units money and get stronger(not much as you may think but enough to start)  2. Guild-bunch of people combined together to fulfil quest and fight BOSS, with guild you can get stronger and earn units/weapon/armor. 3. Killing monsters is pretty same,maybe a little harder but im used to it, and it seems like there's no end to areas. 4. You can invade enemy kingdom and see his/her stats so you won't ruin your own stats and get your unit killed. Overall there's more bad stuff than good, it's more complex and have much to do. That means you will spend more time in the game. If you get use to bad stuff you will like the game. It's far less trilling from G+ KA but we can't complain about it. This is my ID: 717-761-214 Add me if you play. Here some pictures of my ally Orion and how it all looks like. Sry for long post... See yaaa :)
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Is there a PC or an android version of Kingdom Age ? I only see an IOS version :/

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Help Kaitlin
Please Share.

Her email address is

What's up guys?
Is anybody out there still playing this game on other devices?

anyone playing the gree version?
It is not the same game?  some changes which are fun, such as quests to win special units but the original is better.

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26 feb when this game will over? Wtf 
I'm still having fun in Kingdom land's and peter's land ^_^ Bursting 80 stamina on them was like eternity.
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Well, bros, GAME OVER! ill be playing Empire and allies or ill be back to the PS3, nothing like our KA! hope to see you around in the community, i guess. im, very gratefull by the new friends that i have, take care, and good luck to every one, if some one know something about a real nice game, just tell me! A Big hug to every one! isnt the end of the world, but is a sad day! dont you?!

Game is shutted down ladies and gentlemen's. Gree failed to respect the time it's 26 for god sake! lol Poor Gree! In some way it's good that game is over...i'm tired of lot complaining when someone were attacked by strongest opponent and other bad words(insult,curses). :) So people it was been nice to play this game with all of you.Game is finally over,good luck to everyone, was my pleasure  to be part of this "HELL" of the journey and game. Thanks for evereything! You are awesome. ^_^

You know what? I'm glad that this game is over. Yeah! It was getting to the point that if I missed playing for more than 12 hours than I felt like an irresponsible gamer. Now that it is done I have so much more time. I can actually work at work. I can help out around the house more by doing the dishes and folding laundry. Yup. This game being shut down is a very, very good thing. No more ignoring the kids to build an army. 
Oh crap, I miss it like it was a third testicle. So much fun to play with.
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