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Rules!! ~( 5 warnings to each person. And yes, I keep track)~

- Be respectful. Don't make fun of beginners

- No spamming. There is a category for communities to share and random pictures.

-Do me a great favour and Check in once a day. Checking in will get the mods to notice you and good things will happen. Always check in before you post anything. Required

- Questions may be asked and anyone may answer; Questions to mods and owners should be asked in the corresponding Category.

- You may add tips and other things to help, however if off topic, the post will be deleted and a warning will be assigned.

- For every community that you share here, you must share this community.

- There is a program called 'Good deeds'. Good deeds will be issued out when things such as the following happen:
Experienced roleplayers roleplay with beginners and help teach them, anyone in general chimes in to help, people are regularly checking the community ect.
There are ten good deeds for each person. When one reaches 10 G.D's, a prize will be given out. ( Yes, I do keep track.) (( This does not apply to mods))

- Mods are required to talk with (( )) at all times unless in a roleplay.

- Use the correct categories; a warning will be placed if not. Mistakes can be made, but depending on who it is, I just may or may not believe you.

- Have fun!!! Thank you!

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(( Is there anyone who has any questions for today?))

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(( This is my OC ( Original Character) and the basic information you need to know about her. This would be a great outline to follow! ( And, yes you can roleplay with me if you wish) ))

Name: Yiin lighty

age: 16

Gender: female

Element: Time. ( she can pause it, rewind or fast forward)

Personality: Quiet and stealthy. She doesn't like crowded areas because she just ends up pausing time to get through them ( which causes people to question her.) She is slightly crazy as if she wasn't completely with it, and doesn't know completely how to deal with other people.

Weapon: A small dagger. ( not the same one that she used for her parents murder)

Likes: Music, peaceful meadows

Dislikes: Crowds, people, cities

Bio: When she was young, Yiin had a brother. Her brother was unaffected with Yiin's time mauvers. So, together they went and had journeys. She would pause the whole world and they would go and look at everything. They would poke at all of the frozen people or draw mustaches on them. All was good. Until one day; Yiin's brother got very sick. No one knew why until Yinn got the startling idea that it was because he was completely human unlike her. Long story short, her brother died, and it was a sad time. Yiin's parents blamed her for it ( they knew about her powers and she had proved them to her) and she began to get upset. She began to lose control of time. She didn't dare go back to when her brother was there, but she began pausing time more and more. One particuallr time that she wasn't, her parents began yelling at her for stopping time to mope. That she should deal with it just like the rest of them. ( her parents could see her age slightly whenever she came out of her phases) Yiin began to get angry. Very angry. She plotted ways to kill her parents to end her misery. And did. She brutally slaughtered her parents, then used time to get away. She began to get jumpy and restless, and didn't want to be around people.

Finally, she settled into an old abandoned building, where ( y/c)( who happens to be stunned by Yiin's beauty) finds her; so starts the story. (Y/c) is able to throw off Yiin's time effects just as her brother did.

(( Both sexes allowed. Send me a bio of your character, then a starter in hangouts if you wanna Roleplay.))

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i sit over there as many things run in my mind and in the other hand i hear the branches and leaves making sound and i look up and see you i ask you "who are you" in a gentle voice and you say.....

( it can be any gender sorry for the not clear picture*

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