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Reaper who is previously known as Xena the Puppy is now seeking a new owner for life.
He is up for Adoption after fleeing from his previous owner who actually abandoned him to go back to his home state. He is a 2 year old all Black German Shepherd Dog who was in training for k9 unit protection dog academy but wasn't able to be properly trained as a puppy. Now, Reaper needs a real owner who will treat him with respect, love, take care of him and train him to be a protection dog.
Reaper does bite due to him being sacred, abandoned by his previous owner. He was mistreated as a puppy and finds it hard to trust people. Please, if you are not going to treat him well, you will NOT be allowed to adopt him.
He is not muzzle trained very well either, so he needs that.
His shots are all up to date. (Side note: he has attacked the Vet)
Needs a new I.D. Tag (REAPER & owner information)
Overall, once you get to know him and he knows you, he will protect you, he is great with kids and other human pets as well.

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I am now single and I changed my pet name to Reaper which I am a Wolf pet. I blocked him (Nathan) out of my life due to the stress and pressure I was under. Plus, being lied to and everything (the gun) and other things too.

This for now, Is MY story and has nothing to do with Nathan at all.

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Reaper at his best
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