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Does anyone have any information about the pins on the kankun small k board?
Namely 3.3v, GND, UART TX and RX?

I just got a KanKun wifi plug. The android app did not work at all for configuring it. It took a bit to adapt the various hacks, but I was able to ssh in and connect it to my WPA2 secured wifi network.

My relay control is also different from the various hacks around the net:

My biggest problem so far is that the http daemon does not seem to exist. For everyone else it seems that it is just automatically running. Not only is mine not running, I do not see any configuration files for it at all.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've put together instructions on how to build an up-to-date firmware from source.
I'll post information after I make sure that be factory reset works when I wake up tomorrow morning.

It doesn't have all the behaviour of the original yet but at least you should be able to recover if you mess up the WiFi settings.
I learnt that the hard way.

Can any one help me to find the IOT protocol used bye the kankun??

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I would like to buy some of this plugs to include them in my OpenHAB setup.
I would like to control them fully as described in some of the posts but I am confused by the newer models and firmwares.
I understand this is not feasible for all models.

I found this on

Is this model OK?
Thanks for your help

Hi, can anybody here tell me what kind of wattage the plug produces? I am trying to determine if its feasible to use as a permanent solution. Some of these wifi plugs produce up to 5 watts, which would save me no money at all.

Marshmallow and the SmartPlug or Amcrest app? Does it work for you?

I only use my Smartplug for the holidays and I upgraded my phone this year to the Nexus 6P which runs Marshmallow 6.0. I was getting these nagging messages to upgrade the firmware. Once I reset the devices I was no longer able to use the configure option to get my plugs back on the WiFi network. I finally pulled out my retired Galaxy S3 running 4.4.2 and was able to configure the plugs on my network. Then my Nexus 6P was able to see them.

I also tested my Nexus 7 which is running Marshmallow and discovered it also is not able to use the configuration option to get the plugs on the network. I also tried the Amcrest app but it had the same issues.

It appears from my testing the apps are not compatible with Marshmallow.

Hi I am having problem downloading app ? Do you know where can I find it, ideally in English ? 

As a lot of the info about how to and the software is littered about posts, had a friend ask if you had a worksheet pdf and software zip on a Google drive or better Github, so though would ask. That way its a one place drop for anyone interested..
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